January 2007
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Spinwave™ Systems Introduces Industry’s Most Reliable and Easy to Deploy Wireless Sensor Network

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Sets New Standard in Wireless Sensors for the Building Automation Market

WESTFORD, Mass – January 15, 2007 – Spinwave Systems, developer of next generation wireless sensing products for the commercial building automation market, today announced the introduction of the industry’s most reliable and easy to deploy wireless sensor network.

Spinwave’s cost-efficient, ultra-reliable product family allows wireless sensors to be used as a superior alternative to wired sensors in retrofit and new construction projects. Spinwave’s wireless solutions also open the door to new service opportunities and markets for the system integrator including continuous commissioning, monitoring and verification.

Specifically Designed for the Building Automation Market
Spinwave’s wireless sensors are an ideal alternative to traditional wired sensors. They provide an economical means to increase building efficiency and occupant comfort and are perfect for retrofits, fast track projects and unique installations where a traditional wired solution is either too expensive or physically impossible.

For the system integrator cost savings begin immediately as wire and conduit are eliminated and installation and commissioning time is reduced from days to mere hours. Spinwave’s wireless sensors easily interface to the broadest range of building automation systems allowing a high degree of integration flexibility. A field-friendly deployment tool set empowers system integrators with a high degree of on-site capability to ensure successful site planning, installation, commissioning, documentation and maintenance.

Reliable Controls Patent Pending Product Architecture Sets New Standard in Wireless Sensors
Spinwave’s patent-pending wireless product architecture is an extension to the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and forms the basis for a cost-efficient, ultra-reliable, wireless sensor network for real world environments. Spinwave’s leading-edge techniques eliminate the common problem of poor reliability in sensor data transmission caused by other RF devices. Spinwave’s unique technology further serves to minimize power consumption while optimizing data throughput resulting in a robust, scalable wireless sensor network that delivers ultra-high reliability, even in the harshest of RF environments.

The Spinwave Product Line
Spinwave’s product line provides a complete wireless solution consisting of:
Wireless Sensors — zone temperature, occupancy, outdoor air, lighting, air quality (RH, CO/CO2)
Receiver Module — receives/routes the RF signals
DDC Interface — provides direct connectivity to a broad range of building automation systems through direct I/O or field bus communication
NetQuest Software — laptop-resident binding and commissioning tool specifically designed for installers to deploy, commission, document and maintain wireless networks in a fast, efficient manner

For more information on Spinwave’s wireless solutions, download the product brochure at

About Spinwave Systems
Spinwave™ Systems is an exciting new company developing next generation wireless sensing products specifically designed for commercial building automation to enable highly energy-efficient building operations and productive and healthy environments. Spinwave’s unique system design and rapid deployment toolset allows seamless integration of wireless sensors to existing building automation systems from all major manufacturers. To learn more, please visit www.spinwavesystems.com


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