January 2007
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Kavlico Announces P6000 Pressure Sensor Ideal for HVAC Applications - AHR Booth 1549

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AHR Expo 2007Moorpark, CA – Kavlico announces its new P6000 pressure sensor for HVAC and industrial applications. The compact (< 3 cm in length) P6000 provides a new, economical, and durable option for system designers seeking a highly accurate, yet small footprint pressure sensors for applications such as pneumatic controls, portable instruments, smart faucets, appliances, and filter restriction measurement. The sensor is available in gage or absolute pressure ranges of 5” H20 to 100 psi.

These sensors can also be used for wet media applications in a variety of applications where sensor size and mounting options are a concern. Additionally, Kavlico can custom design sensor packaging for those applications with unique configuration requirements.

P6000 Pressure SensorProviding a fully calibrated, temperature compensated 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc linear analog output proportional to pressure; the P6000 provides increased flexibility when it comes to the pressure sensor’s physical location and mounting. The device is offered with (2) mounting configurations: option 1 includes flying leads which allow the P6000 to be positioned remote from the PCB and in option 2, the P6000 can be directly connected to the PCB through a miniature 4-pin connector.

About Kavlico: Kavlico is an operation of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST). Kavlico manufactures high volume, application specific pressure, position, force, and specialty sensors for the transportation, industrial, and aerospace market sectors.

About CST: Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) is a division of Schneider Electric and was formed from the combination of BEI Technologies, Kavlico, and Crouzet. CST provides sensors, controls, and actuation products to the industrial, transportation, and aerospace & government/military markets.

About Schneider Electric: Schneider Electric is the world’s power and control specialist. Through its world-class brands, Merlin Gerin, Square D, and Telemecanique, Schneider Electric anticipates and satisfies its customers’ requirements in the residential, building, industry and energy infrastructure markets. With nearly 100,000 employees and operations in 130, Schneider electric sales are generated through 13,000 distributor outlets.

For more information visit http://www.kavlico.com or visit Booth 1549 AHR Expo Dallas.


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