January 2007
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DuPont Refrigerants to Host Educational Webinar on Global Environmental Regulations

Latest Science on Global Warming, Ozone Depletion and Regulatory Impact

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WILMINGTON, Del., Jan. 29, 2007 – In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, DuPont Refrigerants will sponsor an educational Webinar titled, “Ozone Depletion, Global Warming and Your Business,” as part of the 2007 HPAC Engineering Webinar Series. The presentation will take place live online on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2007, at 2:00 p.m. EST.

Dr. Mack McFarland, environmental fellow, DuPont Fluoroproducts, will discuss the impact of global warming and how the refrigerants industry can prepare to meet the growing challenges of global environmental regulations. Interested parties should pre-register at: http:\\refrigerants.dupont.com.

As part of the Webinar, McFarland, a recognized industry expert on the atmospheric science of ozone depletion and climate change, will address the realities of global warming and how existing and developing regulations will impact the refrigerants industry. He also will discuss what the industry should expect in terms of increased pressure to reduce the climate change impacts of both refrigerants and energy use of HVAC&R equipment.

“Over the past two decades, the Montreal Protocol has become widely recognized as the most successful international environmental agreement. Its mandated phase out of the production and use of ozone-depleting substances, such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), has resulted in significant changes in the HVAC&R industry,” said Mark Baunchalk, global business manager, DuPont Refrigerants. “DuPont, a proven leader for more than 75 years, is committed to keeping customers ahead of regulatory changes and guiding them toward more sustainable environmental solutions, through innovative cooling technologies, including the broadest portfolio of non-ozone depleting hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants and HFC retrofit blends. We also actively support educational and other initiatives to promote greater understanding and increased awareness of regulations that may impact the industry.”

Control Solutions, Inc In addition to helping the industry reduce its use of ozone-depleting substances, DuPont Refrigerants is continually looking for other ways to contribute to environmental initiatives. Most recently, DuPont donated 3,000 metric tonnes (6.61 million pounds) CO2 equivalent vintage 2003 greenhouse gas emissions reductions for permanent retirement to Leonardo Academy's Cleaner and Greener® / Health & Climate Care Program to help offset emissions for the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 2007 Winter Meeting, held in Dallas, Texas, Jan. 27-31. These reductions, which are registered with Environmental Resources Trust, Inc. (ERT), were created from HFC-23 emissions reductions at the DuPont Louisville Works Facility in Ky., and are in excess of emissions reductions required to meet the company’s goals and emissions reductions previously donated or sold. The Leonardo Academy is a charitable (501c3) nonprofit organization that works on sustainability, green buildings, emissions, energy and other environmental issues. Leonardo Academy's Cleaner and Greener® / Health & Climate Care Program helps companies, organizations and events quantify their emissions footprint and develop strategies for reducing and offsetting their emissions.

DuPont – one of the first companies to publicly establish environmental goals 16 years ago – has broadened its sustainability commitments beyond internal footprint reduction to include market-driven targets for both revenue and research and development investment. The goals are tied directly to business growth, specifically to the development of safer and environmentally improved new products for key global markets. DuPont is a science-based products and services company.

DuPont is a science-based products and services company. Founded in 1802, DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Operating in more than 70 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture and food; building and construction; communications; and transportation.


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