January 2008
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The AccuValve™ by Accutrol, LLC - AHR 2008 Innovation Award Winner

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AccuValveThe AccuValve™ by Accutrol, LLC is an electrically operated airflow control valve for critical environments such as laboratories and clean rooms. The valve, created for sustainable “green” design, offers very low pressure drop for energy reduction and savings along with safety by utilizing true airflow measurement.

The AccuValve™ AV2000 airflow control valve is a revolutionary product in which Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was utilized to aid in its design. This resulted in a valve that maximizes turndown while maintaining high accuracy throughout the flow range. The AV2000 is the first truly new design in airflow control valves in decades.

Accutrol’s new airflow control valve incorporates high accuracy airflow sensing with a revolutionary but simple design. The AV2000 is designed for use in applications where turndowns of up to 8 to 1 are required while maintaining accuracies of 5% of reading over that flow range, ensuring precise airflow control. R&D laboratories, process pharmaceutical manufacturing and vivariums are just a few applications for the AccuValve™.

The AV2000 divides the airflow into two equal chambers with an airfoil shaped compression section. When the air is divided into the chambers it accelerates and compresses becoming laminar. The laminar airflow improves the accuracy of the airflow sensor enabling better turndown as well. Much like a silencer this also results in a valve that is very quiet.

The AccuValve™ also incorporates high accuracy Vortex shedding airflow sensors in each chamber. The sensors are located to give a high degree of accuracy throughout the flow range. The higher velocities in the chamber also allow for greater turndowns than is possible in a conventional valve.

Reliable Controls The unique design of the AccuValve™ provides true flow feedback while avoiding the drawbacks of other valve designs. This feature provides the end user the benefit of the highest degree of safety in knowing that the critical space is accurately monitored and controlled.

AHR 2008 Innovation Awards WinnerThe AV2000 incorporates a compression section with a streamline design with a static regain section on the downstream side. This design provides a low pressure drop requiring less fan horsepower and better noise performance.

There are no straight duct runs required before or after the valve making application of the valve very simple. The air compression in the valve provides laminar airflow throughout the airflow range providing repeatable airflow measurement regardless of the inlet or outlet conditions. The design also provides large turndown capability, thereby allowing a large range of applications. All parts are accessible from the front of the valve simplifying installation requirements.

The AccuValve™ is designed to provide many years of maintenance free operation. Unlike the other airflow valves which
have many critical parts, such as springs, cones and linkages in the air stream, the AccuValve™ was designed with few
moving parts which are out of the air stream, increasing the overall reliability and lifetime of the valve.

For more information visit www.tek-air.com


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