January 2008
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Domosys Releases an OEM PLC Modem Card (OPMC)

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The OPMC offers an easy and cost effective way to integrate Power Line Communication into new or existing products.

Quebec City, Canada – January 22nd, 2008 – Domosys Corporation, a leading provider of Power Line Communication (PLC) technology, today announced the release of its versatile new OEM PLC Modem Card (OPMC) product. This is the first of a new family of products aimed at facilitating the integration of Power Line Communication.

The OPMC was designed to provide a cost effective PLC component with ease of integration into existing and new products using serial communication standards. The OPMC is equipped with RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422 serial interfaces. It can be integrated and interfaced with existing serial communication products taking away the need to run serial communication wires throughout buildings or various equipments. The installation of the associated system is tremendously simplified since a simple connection to the closest electrical power line is required. Tenants are not disturbed and/or systems are not powered down during long installation and renovation periods.

Furthermore, using Domosys’ PowerBus™ RHINO Pass-Through Protocol topology, the OPMC becomes a plug & play product, no special software or firmware driver is required. If needed, the OPMC size, layout and functionalities can be easily adapted to specific requirements. While providing Power Line Communication on AC or DC power lines or twisted pair, the OPMC is a 12 VDC powered card and is UL Recognized. The OPMC also includes two I/Os to take an active roll and empower existing SCADA applications.

PlantPROCORE “Many product manufacturers already have a functional and reliable serial communication system but are searching for a simple and cost effective way to take advantage of Power Line Communication; the OPMC is the answer to their needs. We have developed it to quickly provide this capability while making sure the integration would be as easy as any other plug & play product.” says Bernardino Camba, Domosys Sales & Marketing Director.

Domosys’ OPMC can be used in a number of markets such as, but not limited to, energy management, street lighting controls, automatic meter reading (AMR), SCADA and transportation.

About Domosys
Founded in 1994, Domosys Corporation is a leading provider of Power Line Communication (PLC) technology for the control networking market. Domosys’ PLC technology transforms any stand-alone product into a device that can be controlled or monitored either locally or remotely over the Internet. Domosys is designing and manufacturing custom products for Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as marketing and selling generic products to system integrators. Domosys’ products and solutions are used in a number of vertical markets such as but not limited to: energy management, street lighting controls, automatic meter reading (AMR, SCADA and transportation.

Domosys Corporation is a privately held corporation based in Quebec City, Canada. To learn more about Domosys and its products and services, visit the company’s web site at www.domosys.com.


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