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New Intesis gateway makes communication between EtherNet/IP and BACnet easy
HMS Networks announces a new Intesis™ protocol translator that integrates between EtherNet/IP and BACnet IP/MSTP-based Building Management Systems. Thanks to its unique design, it is easy to bring data from a factory network to a BMS.

Enabling communication with the new Intesis EtherNet/IP – BACnet gateway

With the new Intesis protocol translator from HMS Networks, system integrators can easily integrate any Ethernet/IP-based PLCs, such as Rockwell™ Allen-Bradley™ PLCs models, with any BACnet BMS. The gateway offers bi-directional communication between EtherNet/IP PLCs and BACnet controllers. With a capacity of up to 1200 data points, the gateway is a BACnet IP/MSTP server/slave on one side and an EtherNet/IP adapter on the other, featuring independent Ethernet ports. The gateway has been BTL-certified for BACnet and carries the UL mark in order to guarantee the highest communication and quality standards. It is also ODVA pre-certified thanks to its inbuilt AnybusŪ CompactCom™ module.

The BioCloud analyzer combines a proprietary SARS-CoV-2 detection chamber with an advanced air sampling process. The air sampling system draws air in and optimizes the air for analysis. The sample flows through the detection chamber which uses both a viral collider and a chemical process to trap virus particles and identifies the SARS-CoV-2 virus with a laser sensor. When a virus of concern is detected an alert system is created in the Cloud or over local intranet.

Each BioCloud is a self-contained analyzer that requires no additional laboratory tests or movement of samples. The proprietary detection chamber and cartridges can be replaced as needed, or after a detection event.

BioCloud’s applications include classrooms, retirement homes, hospitals, mass transportation, offices, break rooms, and others defined spaces.

IDS NXT stands for easy-to-use yet flexible complete vision systems that allow to realize all steps of a vision solution in one device, from image acquisition to image analysis to the control of industrial machines. A free update adds many more features.

With Vision Apps, image processing tasks on IDS NXT cameras can now be used and changed as easily as apps on a smartphone. Part of the latest software update is also the newly integrated OPC UA interface. It allows IDS NXT cameras to be integrated directly into factory automation without writing a single line of code.


Connect to Azure, Google, Amazon, and any standard MQTT broker  The DataHubŪ IoT Gateway™ streams real-time OPC UA and OPC DA industrial data directly into Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), device clouds, and Big Data analytics platforms.

What it does

Connects OPC UA and OPC DA (Classic) clients and servers to any MQTT Broker, including Azure, Google and Amazon IoT

Supports publish and subscribe

Offers customizable JSON data format to support most MQTT applications

Supports Transport Layer Security (TLS), certificate-based authentication, username/password authentication, Last Will and Testament, and Quality of Service message delivery

Supports MQTT Version 3.1.1, including publish and subscription methods

Supports self-signed certificates from AWS IoT, enabling direct connection without a third-party intermediary

The Dashboard below is pretty much all wireless and these sensors have now been sitting plodding away for a very long time and we think that the combination of the systems can achieve some pretty cool results. Development of the system is ongoing and focuses on both rapid rerofit/Integration allowing sites with ageing technology to be intergated as easily and quickly as sites with modern tech.   We are also adding new functionality and modules in on a continual basis which we are hoping will pay us dividends. The user experience piece is becoming more and more prevalent and we have now added access control into Bubll to provide touch free environments, again we have development plans to evolve all of our offerings and by March next year we will be able ot oiffer both edge and cloud based strategy engines.

Wireless Sensor Dashboard


All You Need to Know About Industrial Protocols


These comprehensive overviews tell you everything you need to know about the different communication protocols. From the history of the technology to the latest trends, you’ll learn what distinguishes each protocol, including the driving force behind each, and the pros and cons of different protocols in relation to your specific project needs.

You have devices that generate ASCII, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet, Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet or some other completely proprietary data, and now you’re the person who must move that data!

We understand your pain…and rather than just our sympathy, we have solutions. While your business may not be moving data around factory floors, ours is. Our gateways are simple, perfect tools to help you move your data where, when, and how you want.

#Monarco #HAT for the #Pi that can be accessed directly in #NodeRED

No coding required to send sensor data into #Datacake or any other systems and receive commands to switch Outputs.

It comes with #RS485, 4-20mA or 0-10 Volt analog inputs and digital in/outputs

datacakeThe Datacake LoRaWAN Gateway comes with cellular connectivity, Datacake IoT platform, and eliminates the need for complicated and time-consuming programming.

LoRaWAN is awesome. Small, mostly low cost, battery-powered sensor devices using an open frequency band, that can be considered as WiFi, except with a greater range and much lower power consumption.

But what is missing is the end-to-end solution.

Device manufacturers, gateways, network servers, and various platforms are all available. But the connection between these elements often requires experience in programming and IT technology. This is time-consuming, often frustrating, and requires skilled staff, special tools, and expertise.

To solve this, Datacake delivers an end-to-end solution out of the box, from device templates and network support to the deployment of a smartphone application where users only need to scan QR codes on LoRaWAN devices to get started.

The best smart home products available in 2020  for feathering your nest, these products are the best of the best. By TechHive staff DEC 30, 2020 3:00 AM PST

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