July 2006
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Home Gateway Initiative release 1.0 specifications published

The Home Gateway Initiative (http://www.homegateway.org) is pleased to announce the official approval and release of its set of specifications for release 1.0.

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The release of this document is a milestone for the Home Gateway Initiative but it is only the start of work for the organization.

The document encompasses the complete architecture of a broadband Home Gateway (access network agnostic) supporting triple play services from an end to end perspective with an emphasis on the Home Gateway hardware architecture, the IP connectivity, the Quality of Service control, the remote management capabilities, the home and the access network interfaces, the service support capabilities and the security mechanisms. This makes the document a universal reference for procurement activities, development and the standardization domain which have never been produced so far in such an integrated and structured document.

The view of working on a global architecture for home gateways and the surrounding environment, capable of delivering administered and secured home services, has been the key for the success of the initiative.

The rapidity in producing the document, the strict focus on giving answers to urgent needs of the Telcos and the industry has been instrumental in helping the HGI to have a strong commitment from its members and to gain relevance and momentum in this domain.

CatNet Systems The active cooperation with other organizations with interests in the broadband home domain (DSL Forum, DLNA, Wi-Fi Alliance, FMCA, TMF and OSGi among others) and SDOs (ITU-T, ETSI) has been instrumental for the success of this phase and it will be key for the evolution of the HGI work.

During the last HGI plenary meeting held in Malta, work has already started on additional requirements that will complement this first document and will be ready by mid 2007.

The market push for supporting fixed-mobile integration, higher QoS control, integrated management capabilities (i.e. with OSS platforms), support for end to end plug and play mechanisms, will lead the HGI to produce a release 2 set of specification that will complement release 1.0 in a seamless and efficient way.

The Home Gateway Initiative founded and launched by 9 telecom operators (Belgacom, British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, KPN, TeliaSonera, NTT, Telefonica, Telecom Italia) in December 2004, has opened the membership in March 2005 and has, as of the date of this announcement, 69 members from the 5 continents representing the entire spectrum of actors in the broadband home arena (Telecom Operators, CPE vendors, chip manufacturers, telecom equipment, consumer electronics, IT and software solution providers).

The Home Gateway Initiative is constituted as an association under Swiss law and registered in Geneva.

For more information contact: contact@homegatewayinitiative.org


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