July 2006
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LONMARK International Launches New Initiative to Certify Industry Professionals on the Proficiency of LONMARK Open Systems

First program to address quality and skill requirements for installing and integrating open systems

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LONMARK International announced today that it is developing a new program to test and certify industry professionals of LONMARK® Open Systems. The new program will target individuals that install, integrate and maintain systems utilizing LONMARK certified products.

This program will build on a successful program the LONMARK Association implemented nearly a decade ago to test and certify products for conformance. The Association is developing a multi-phase program, whereby individuals will be able to become certified at various technical levels based on proficiency testing. The first level of certification will determine basic LONMARK technology proficiency. Subsequent tests will support mid-and advanced-levels of certification for competency involving LONMARK Open Systems.

Test candidates will be able to leverage a number of existing education programs supported around the globe. For example, an existing text book: the LONWORKS® Installation Handbook (ISBN 978-3-8007-2906-7) is available to assist candidates in preparing for the first level exam. Additional sources of preparation are available through standard courses offered by a variety of providers worldwide.

contemporary "Our goal for this program is rather simple - increase the number of qualified installers and integrators in the market," said Barry Haaser, executive director of LONMARK International. "There are literally thousands of interoperable products available in the market. As use of LONMARK products increases, we need additional qualified people available to install, commission, integrate and support them."

An international group of subject matter experts within LONMARK International met in Chicago last week to establish the foundation for this important program. The subject matter experts defined the domains, task statements, and related knowledge and skills that will be required to accurately and completely describe the work of the certified installer. LONMARK International is developing the program parameters and criteria with the assistance of CASTLE Worldwide, a company that has a history of developing quality high-stakes examinations for organizations that license or certify the expertise of professionals. By working with a company such as CASTLE Worldwide, LONMARK International will be able to implement a certification program that satisfies the requirements of various local, regional and international bodies.

The program is currently in the development stage and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2006.

Visit www.lonmark.org for more information.



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