July 2006
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City of Phoenix Selects NetClear GT3 Cabling System for their new Convention Center

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New Holland, PA and New London, CT (July 5, 2006)… The City of Phoenix has selected a NetClear GT3, an enhanced Category 6 high-performance horizontal structured cabling system from Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company, and Ortronics/Legrand, for their data, voice and video applications for the first phase of their new two million square-foot convention center. The Phoenix Convention Center is a $600 million expansion project that will triple the size of the current facility and will include a high-speed network for the exhibit floor, lecture halls, meeting rooms and for retail services.

The cabling system includes both copper and fiber channels, with the ability to provide up to 10 Gb/s to the desk, depending on the media. “The Phoenix Convention Center caters to all industries, including high tech, and we wanted to assure that we could enable a customized environment to suit all types of exhibitors and applications, including VoIP phones, high-speed Internet and intranet and video, without having to change the infrastructure,” states Roy Hughes, Deputy CIO for the City of Phoenix. Phase One, which includes the new West building, is nearing completion while Phase Two will expand the current North and South buildings, and is expected to be ready by 2009.

To deliver multimedia services to each location, Berk-Tek provided a spiral-wrapped cable bundle, which included multiple LANmark-2000, enhanced Category 6 cables. In some locations, up to four strands each of laser optimized multimode and single-mode fiber cable were deployed. In Phase One, the LANmark-2000 cable was terminated onto Ortronics Clarity 6 patch panels in the 14 telecom closets. At the workstation, Ortronics developed a unique Fib-or-Cop faceplate, which can accommodate up to 12 TracJack outlets including six copper cables and a combination of 12 fibers (single-mode and multimode) with LC connectors. “The bundled cable that was installed saved us $300,000 in labor alone, which was a 30% savings in the entire Phase One. The innovative solutions from Berk-Tek and Ortronics validated our reasoning to keep NetClear as the City’s standard,” states Jason Crandell – Manager of ENTI (Enterprise, Networking and Telecommunication Infrastructure) for the City of Phoenix.

contemporary About NetClear
NetClear offers end-to-end co-engineered solutions for enhanced Category 5e, Category 6, Augmented Category 6 – 10 Gigabit and optical fiber channels - all backed by a 25-year warranty. NetClear solutions include the NetClear GT,NetClear GT2 and NetClear GT3 high performance copper solutions, as well as a complete range of solutions for 10 Gigabit Networks, which include NetClear GTX and NetClear GTS copper channel solutions and NetClear MM1, NetClear MM10, and NetClear SM fiber optic solutions. NetClear solutions encompass all horizontal and backbone systems including high-performance interface cords, workstation outlets, cross-connect panels and enhanced performance horizontal and backbone cabling.

About the NetClear Alliance
NetClear is a Technology Alliance between Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company, and Ortronics/Legrand to further advance their enhanced copper and fiber cabling solutions through NetClear, an innovative, high capacity, clear data transmission system. NetClear assures maximum dynamic performance for real world networks.



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