July 2006
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Further to past announcements, we are pleased to announce that the Internet Home Alliance (IHA) Research Council was officially launched on July 1, 2006. For more information, please go to: http://www.caba.org/iha/. CABA is also extremely pleased to announce that the following companies will be presented on the new IHA Research Council Advisory Board and have become new CABA members effective July 1, 2006: General Motors Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, and SupportSoft, Inc.

The following CABA members will also be represented on the IHA Research Council Advisory Board: AT&T, Bell Canada, Cisco Systems, Direct Energy (Centrica North America); Leviton Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Microsoft Corporation, Panasonic Corporation of North America, Whirlpool Corporation, and Visonic Americas.

Regular CABA members are able to access the following Internet Home Alliance executive summaries, research reports and projects as part of the CABA Information Series. Regular CABA members and non-members can purchase more current IHA research through the CABA eStore at the prices listed.

CABA continues to provide timely research and information on integrated systems and home/building automation. To that end, these twenty five (25) IHA research documents have recently been placed in the CABA Research Library at: http://www.caba.org/aboutus/public.html.

CABA Information Series: (Go to http://www.caba.org/iha/iha-docs.html to see the full report descriptions.)
IS-2006-69: Chairman's Roundtable: Sustaining Change Efforts
IS-2006-68: Chairman's Roundtable: Principals of Consumer Privacy
IS-2006-67: Chairman's Roundtable: From Next to Now
IS-2006-66: Chairman's Roundtable: Crossing the Zone of Discomfort
IS-2006-65: Chairman's Roundtable: Connected Home Taxonomy
IS-2006-64: Ecosystem Framework White Paper
IS-2006-63: State of the Connected Home Market: Entertainment
IS-2006-62: State of the Connected Home Market: Family
IS-2006-61: State of the Connected Home Market: Career
Control Solutions, Inc IS-2006-60: Mobile Worker IHA Research Pilot
IS-2006-59: Mealtime IHA Research Pilot
IS-2006-58: Energy Management IHA Research Pilot
IS-2006-57: Video Experience Point of Contact
IS-2006-56: Subsidized Media and Location Based Advertising Study
IS-2006-55: Safe, Secure and Comfortable Home
IS-2006-54: Personal Media Storage
IS-2006-53: Web-based Family Calendar User-interface
IS-2006-52: Mobile & Remote Worker Needs Assessment
IS-2006-51: iPTV Demand Study
IS-2006-50: Home Networking in a Box
IS-2006-49: Health & Wellness Web Portal Study
IS-2006-48: Health & Fitness Needs Assessment
IS-2006-47: Digital Entertainment Needs Assessment
IS-2006-46: Digital Entertainment Migration
IS-2006-45: Asset Management (RFID) Study

Does your organization have a research study or white paper, which should be posted in the CABA Research Library? If the answer is yes...or you know of a paper that CABA should pursue, please contact CABA at: caba@caba.org or 613.990.7407. You will earn $50 CABA Bucks for each research paper, document or white paper that are placed on the CABA Research Library. These CABA Bucks can be used to offset your membership, registration fees, or purchase other CABA goods/services. Join the CABA Information Council to earn additional CABA Bucks and to help build the CABA Research Library!

We are encouraging all CABA members and non-members to consider joining the new IHA Research Council. Please note that future research will involve MDU, SMB, and "large building" research. As you consider your decision, new CABA Board member Jonathan Cowper, of AT&T, has indicated that their organization has generated over $7 ROI for every $1 invested into IHA research!

If you have any questions, please contact Fred Bryson bryson@caba.org, 613.993.7232; or David Dern dern@caba.org, 613.993.6760.


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