July 2006
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“Digital Signage Competitive Edge $2,500 Buy-Back Offer”

“Frustration with digital signage software and media players’ learning curve results in shelfware and lack of ROI “

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Lincolnshire, IL – July 27, 2006 – In-Store Merchandising Solutions, Inc. announces the industry leading “out of the box, outside the box” plug and play ADSN Dual-Use solution for electronic and digital signage Competitive Buy-Back Offer. Capitalizing on years of experience in automated building technology and life/safety strategy and tactics, ISMS is the sole provider of Signapse Electronic Exit Signs© directly enmeshed in the building’s sensory nervous system for heat, smoke, fire, intrusion and surveillance. Public spaces including municipal and commercial multi-floor building infrastructure, transit, malls and campus environments can now obtain a visual augmentation to traditional embedded systems that are in full compliance with ADA requirements and operate without controlling or influencing the incumbent technology.

The Dual-Use functionality now raises the bar for uninhibited performance of electronic and digital signage that provides information, education and entertainment. In the event of an emergency, the sensory system provides action triggers for display of pre-determined content and affords remote display of realtime information or direct broadcast from a building command center or remote office of emergency management.

Obsolete or limited function media players and digital signage software that do not meet these parameters would typically be discarded because of their design limitations. In-Store Merchandising Solutions is now offering a competitive trade-up allowance that features this enhanced functionality. For a limited time, ISMS will purchase original owner licensed and verified software, as well as single function media players up to a value of $2,500 per license.

Entry level Dual-Use ADSN solution licenses may be leased for 24 months at a net rate of $285 per month or for 36 months at $225. The license includes a preloaded PC with the ADSN client software for an initial 36 month period, three year warranty, Internet portal access for content management, initial template design, timing sequence and schedule, as well as training. The package system is an Application Service Provider hosted offering and requires no investment in PC servers, software load or maintenance. The ADSN Solution Client PC is plug-and-play, requiring only Internet connectivity and electrical power. Each system is EES (Signapse Electronic Exit Sign©) ready*. The system does not include a display device but is compatible with LCD, Plasma or Projection Devices commercially available.

*Customized design and implementation of an integrated ADSN Dual-Use Electronic Exit Sign© is a function of the inherent automated building sensory systems and is unique to each installation. ISMS provides consultation, design/build, remote management and tailored quotations for these projects.

About In-Store Merchandising Solutions, Inc. (ISMS)
Powered by the ADSN Player & Scheduler Solution, In-Store Merchandising Solutions, Inc. provides Electronic Signage Private Display Networks for use in public venues for life/safety, information and entertainment. By working closely with technology developers and providers as well as advertisers, emergency response organizations, retailers, transportation authorities and levels of government (municipal, regional, state, federal and agencies), ISMS provides content management to an “Audience of One”.

For further information visit http://www.instoremerchandisingsolutions.com and http://www.ipappliances.com


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