July 2006
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New Insight into Biometric Technology

New 12-month electronic newsletter for the biometric industry

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Brighton, United Kingdom, 26 July 2006 – Biometric Insight, a provider of biometric security information, has announced today the launch of a new a monthly electronic newsletter that is predominantly focused around biometric identification and security technology. This new e-newsletter, which will become the definitive information source for the biometric industry, will be distributed monthly over 12 issues per annum.

In today’s world, biometric technology is advancing at a rapid pace so companies need to keep their finger on the pulse and be aware of what is going on in their industries. So whether you’re an end-user, a provider, a developer, an integrator or an investor in biometrics, Biometric Insight will provide you with all the information about key industry developments to keep you ahead of the competition.

The new e-newsletter covers all emerging biometric technology including fingerprint, facial recognition, iris scan, hand geometry, and voice recognition. The new e-newsletter also covers all complimentary technology to biometrics such as Smart Cards, machine-readable travel documents (MRTD), RFID, PKI, mobile commerce, and access control security. Biometric Insight reports all major news stories from around the world. Our news source provides a broad range of information from contracts awarded, to new applications and government initiatives, through to strategic partnerships, joint ventures and monthly/annual trading figures.

The newsletters website is also a portal for researching information surrounding the biometric identification and security industries. The website consists of relevant information regarding biometrics and its usages, current news features, white papers and an up-to- date list of all events/conferences within the industry. The website features a company directory which provides a comprehensive of list of providers, developers and integrators within the biometric arena.

For more information or to get a free copy of Biometric Insight, please visit www.biometricinsight.com or email info@biometricinsight.com


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