July 2007
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CABA Enhances Building Intelligent Quotient Tool

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CABA is pleased to announce a validation, training and award program to enhance its online Building Intelligence Quotient (BiQ) tool.

The tool, available at www.caba.org/biq, allows property owners and managers to self-assess a building's intelligence online. Owners and developers with multiple properties can also use the BiQ tool to assess and compare the building intelligence systems in their portfolio.

In order to create added value for BiQ users, CABA is implementing a validation procedure. For an additional fee, validation will provide BiQ users with an individualized site visit by a professional to determine whether their property actually conforms to BiQ criterion. BiQ professionals will also provide portfolio analysis services. Firms with more than one property under BIQ assessment will be able to purchase a corporate portfolio analysis in order to compare all their buildings. Undertaken by BiQ professionals, validation and analysis will allow for a more personalized, detailed on-site examination of intelligent building systems.

To support the demand for validation and corporate portfolio analysis, CABA is also introducing a BiQ training program. The program will certify evaluators, giving them the skills required to undertake BiQ evaluations and assign validation scores. Professionals seeking BiQ evaluator certification may be engineers, system integrators and technical experts in building automation.

Validation scores from the BiQ tool will be used to assess the intrinsic value of a building by supporting associations and the industry-at-large. Currently, CABA is negotiating with the Appraisal Institute, BACnet International, LonMark International, the International Facility Management Association and BOMA International to endorse the tool.

Once a building is either assigned platinum, gold or silver validation by a BiQ professional, CABA will acknowledge the validation by issuing a plaque to the building's owners or managers. Ranked buildings will be eligible to win awards.

The BiQ awards program will recognize buildings that exhibit excellence in building intelligence integration and that rank high on CABA's building intelligence assessment. The top three BiQ validated buildings will receive a CABA Intelligent Building Award at an annual awards ceremony, beginning in 2008.

"We are pleased to include these added value components to our BiQ tool," states Ronald J. Zimmer, CABA President & CEO. "The BiQ provides a unique and comprehensive tool for building owners and managers who wish to integrate more intelligent building technologies into their commercial property portfolio, with measurable results."

About CABA
CABA is the only industry association to offer industry intelligence to stakeholders in all areas of home & building automation. CABA's resources cover areas such as HVAC, lighting, security, A/V, communications technologies, energy management and controls. A number of resources are available through the association including iHomes & Buildings magazine, research, CABA's forums, CABA's monthly eBulletin, Information Series reports, Event Reports and the CABA web site. Please visit www.caba.org for further information.


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