July 2009
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Innovative Wireless Network Thermostat System Brings Together Affordable Energy Management and Reduced Installation Time

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Grapevine, Texas - NetworkThermostat™ unveiled its new Strong Mesh™ wireless connectivity for its Net/X™ network thermostat solutions for residential, small business, commercial and light industrial applications. Eliminating the need for communications cables, the new 802.15.4 based wireless devices significantly reduce time-consuming installation, especially in difficult applications. “By conquering the inadequacies of standard thermostats and integrating a reliable wireless communications, the Strong Mesh™ wireless solution brings an unparalleled level of customization and high energy savings, at an affordable cost with a fast payback”, according to a company spokesman.

“It is a very unique new product, offering tech savvy features delivered in an easy to use product”, adds Jerry Drew, Network Thermostat’s President. "it’s gotta be simple…" is the driving philosophy behind the development of the Net/X™ Wireless Network Thermostat System. We brought together a great team of software and hardware engineers to create a mesh network system that is elegant in its simplicity, easy to install, and provides for significant energy savings”, Drew continues.

The Net/X™ wireless technology applies the latest IEEE standard 802.15.4 protocol which allows the communications to hop from one device to the next, filling in potential ‘wireless holes’ in a building along the way. This technique provides substantial improvements in communications and reliability, ensuring interference-free transmission. The powerful system uses the company’s ‘Strong Mesh Routing’™ technique, allowing line-of-sight ranges of thousands of feet (before mesh hops), and indoor ranges verified at many hundreds of feet (with and without mesh hops), with no limit to the number of thermostats that can be connected to the network. ”Each Net/X™ thermostat system allows the end user to be “Triple Green™”, enabling them to save time on installation and scheduling, save energy by minimizing energy consumption, and save money on energy and operating expenditures, while enhancing HVAC equipment life. These are simple to use, powerful tools for any facility operating in today’s economy, and are especially popular considering the volatility and continued escalation of energy prices.” Drew states.

Detailed information on the Net/X™ Strong Mesh™ wireless network thermostat systems, and their industry leading network solutions can be found at www.networkthermostat.com.

About NetworkThermostat™ Since 1995, NetworkThermostat™ maintains the position of industry leader in providing Network Thermostat Solutions for residential, small businesses, and commercial or light industrial applications. The company’s product line combines the features of programmable thermostats in a convenient, easier to use product solution while adding the benefits of simple, reliable communications for HVAC equipment control, using wired and wireless connectivity over a LAN or the Internet, anywhere and anytime, to maximize energy savings while providing comfort to the occupants.



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