July 2010
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SureGrid Releases PowerCommand 2.0, Offering Visibility of Aggregated, Real-Time Power Consumption to Utilities

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New Software Provides Utilities With Unprecedented Visibility to Their Power Consumption Portfolio During Peak-Power, Demand-Response Events

AUSTIN, Texas (July 14, 2010) - SureGrid - the leading energy solutions provider of automated, cloud-based, demand-response Intelligent Load Management technology - today announced the release of PowerCommand 2.0Ò.

The new software provides SureGrid customers – utilities and Independent System Operators (ISOs) – with unprecedented real-time visibility to Demand Response event performance of an aggregated portfolio of electric-power users. During times of peak power demand, as in a heat wave, SureGrid’s technology can dynamically balance the electric grid, yielding back “unused” power, and creating revenue for participating companies in the process.

Now, with PowerCommand 2.0, utilities working with SureGrid can receive constant telemetry of their aggregated power-consumption portfolio every minute, 24/7, and – if necessary – curtail loads with only a 10-minute notification.

"Before PowerCommand 2.0, there was a lack of visibility to a Demand Response portfolio's total combined load in real-time,” said Colin Bester, SureGrid's CTO. “But now, with our closed-loop, fully automated, ‘no-touch’ Intelligent Load Management (ILM) software, we offer utilities and ISOs the ability to view the load profile in real-time. Accordingly, the so-called ‘resource adequacy’ of the unconsumed power in a demand response can actually serve as virtual power generation that is rated as highly as any generator that supplies power to the grid today."

Control Solutions, Inc Before the release of PowerCommand 2.0, SureGrid concluded a very successful Participating Load Pilot with a California ISO in 2009, where the ISO was provided with telemetry of its aggregated portfolio every 60 seconds, 24/7.

"SureGrid has taken a new approach to demand response: We think more in terms of virtual power. Hence, the release of PowerCommand 2.0 puts SureGrid on par with spinning reserves," says Mike Frost, President of SureGrid. "Our unique approach to demand response is based on real-time site conditions, asset availability, and local business rules. SureGrid's ability to aggregate portfolio on-the-fly and deliver 100% of our commitment 100% of the time really puts us in a different class of demand response."

About SureGrid
SureGrid’s technology is designed to interface with grid conditions and to dynamically balance power generation and power demand in real-time. The end product of the SureGrid technology is virtual generation, where “unconsumed power” is yielded back to the utility or ISO. The closed loop, cloud-based SureGrid technology that performs the intelligent balancing act is carbon-negative, highly reliable, and two-way validated in real-time, which can help eliminate the need for costly, pollution-prone power plants that typically come online to produce power at times of peak demand.

SureGrid is the leading energy solutions provider and is the only company to offer truly automated cloud-based, Intelligent Load Management Technology. By monitoring and controlling major energy consuming devices such as HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, signage and more, SureGrid technology enables each building to dynamically interact with the electrical grid based on local business rules and real-time asset and environmental conditions. For more info: www.SureGrid.com


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