July 2010
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Twin Cities’ EnergyPrint Launches First Interactive Energy Budgeting Tool for Commercial Properties

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (July 2010) – Twin Cities’ EnergyPrint, one of the nation’s premier energy benchmarking services, today launched a new interactive budgeting tool to help property owners manage future energy costs. Energy cost is one of the largest and fastest-growing controllable operating expenses for commercial properties. Ironically, even with its relative significance, the energy cost line-item on a budget is one that is least understood.

EnergyPrint’s one-of-a-kind budgeting tool allows CFOs, property owners and managers to model changes in energy rates, consumption or even the total budget amount. By applying these predictive variables against historical rate and consumption data specific to each property, users can easily create credible energy cost budgets. Property managers have remarked about EnergyPrint’s user-friendly benchmarking tools as well as the simplicity of the data findings.

PlantPROCORE “Providing easy-to-use tables and intuitive displays of historical and predicted performance, users can quickly understand the impact of rate and consumption on their total budget,” said Priscilla Koeckeritz, president and COO of EnergyPrint. “Used in conjunction with our suite of benchmarking tools, realistic goals for cost and consumption reduction can be set, taking control over energy expense.”

Founded in September 2009, Minneapolis-based EnergyPrint (www.EnergyPrint.com) anticipates this year to become one of the top benchmarking services in the United States. EnergyPrint provides energy benchmarking for hundreds of commercial buildings managed by such companies as Wellington Management, Kraus-Anderson Realty, Hempel Properties and NorthMarq.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of Labor, and Whitestone Research, the energy cost index for non residential buildings has increased 6.9 percent from last year. EnergyPrint believes the opportunity for corporations to save money on energy consumption and to control costs for the future is huge. Its energy management software measures energy consumption in buildings in order to prepare managers to make informed decisions and to change current and future consumption trends. It offers new energy benchmarking data analysis that empowers companies to manage energy consumption, reduce costs and lower their carbon footprint.



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