July 2012
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Prevent Condensation With Sontay's New Sensor

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Sontay, the market leading manufacturer of field controls and peripherals, has launched the brand new WD-CPS condensation prevention sensor, a welcome addition to its family of water detection systems and sensors. The WD-CPS sensor has been designed to provide a reliable, early warning of condensing conditions in chilled surface applications, such as, chilled beams or ceiling systems.

The new sensor is perfect for this type of project where consultants, contractors and systems integrators need to provide control safeguards to avoid the risk of ‘indoor rain’. The low-cost device provides either a volt-free contact or current output and is housed in a small enclosure which can be strapped or screwed to the surface needing monitoring.

The WD-CPS operates on dew point temperature rather than a fixed value of relative humidity. The dew point is calculated from a temperature compensated relative humidity element and a high accuracy thermistor which are thermally bonded to the metal plate of the WD-CPS. The switching set point is determined as 3C the potentiometer offset above the current dew point. The relay is activated when the dew point temperature is below the offset set point. To obtain maximum accuracy over a narrow band of RH values, the device will not perform valid calculations on levels of RH below 75%.

Reliable Controls The sensor features a red LED, visible through the top of the housing, which has four functions to show status indication; a short blink once every 15 seconds to show the device is working properly, a rapid continuous blinking to show the dew point switching set point is close, a continuous ON setting when the output is switched on and one long flash followed by two short flashes to show if there is a problem with the sensor.

As a commitment to its customers and a vow of confidence in its products, Sontay has extended its warranty from two years to three. All products purchased from 2012 onwards will be covered under this new warranty scheme.

Sontay products and control solutions are designed to help improve building management system performance, reduce energy and maintenance costs and increase occupant comfort levels. For further information on the Sontay product range, contact sales@sontay.com or visit the website at http://www.sontay.com.


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