June 2004
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Ventilux launch the VISTA range of products

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The development of the VISTA range marks a unique progression in emergency lighting. This family of products is specifically designed to enable a cohesive directional emergency lighting solution adaptable to all mounting scenarios within a specific project.  Designed to seamlessly integrate into the interior aesthetic of prestigious modern developments, and produced from the highest quality material, the VISTA range will appeal to architects and consultants who require a flexible and innovative approach to emergency lighting.

The VISTA (available as a single sided or double sided luminarie) can be surface mounted or combined with standard accessories to allow recessing, flush mounting, cantilevered mounting from walls or suspension from ceilings (permanently fixed or suspended) delivering a consistent theme with sleek and minimalist aesthetics.

Ease of installation is a key feature of this range, with all accessories allowing the contractor a “first fix” option that doesn’t require access to ceiling or wall voids. Available in self contained, centrally supplied and mains versions, the VISTA range is designed to meet all relevant EU directives and can be supplied in a range of colours or finishes. The VISTA can be integrated into the Ventilux NETCOM 5XP system allowing automated testing to BS5266, and worldwide monitoring of the test results.

Ventilux complete the Netcom 5XP, Epsilon Project at Vauxhall Motors, in Ellesmere Port.

Netcom 5XP is an intelligent addressable central testing system for all emergency lighting systems. Designed to be operated from a desktop PC, the Netcom 5XP package simplifies emergency light test procedures for both contractors and end users alike. The System can be used to test and monitor self-contained emergency lighting installations and centrally supplied emergency lighting installations, or a combination of both. The PC based control panel has user friendly software features that enable configuration, monitoring and testing of a complete system with great ease.

In accordance with current legislation, including the latest European Standards BS5266, IS3217 and EN62036, the system tests installations daily, monthly, 6 monthly, annually or alternatively can be configured to the end users specific requirements.

The use of Ethernet connections, with each fitting having an addressable node, allows testing of each fitting and acts as an early warning system for luminarie failures. Remote monitoring also testing can be carried out from any global location, via the internet. With built in scalability, the system can handle any number from 1 luminarie to 25,300 luminaries, the system can be expanded at any time.

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