June 2006
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Slaney Direct launches NemoTeQ damper actuators in the UK

We are pleased to announce the UK launch of NemoteQ's range of Damper exclusively via Slaney Direct. Their High Quality Low Costs damper Actuators give a competitive advantage.

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NEMOTEQ offer a full range of standard and spring return actuators for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

NEMOTEQ's high quality damper actuators have been developed and designed to operate air dampers, VAV as well as characterized ball valves.

The products distinguish themselves in terms of quality and competitiveness from other market competitors, providing advantages to all customer groups.
Their long term strategy for their range of actuators is committed by NEMOTEQ’s QC philosophy. QC equates to “Quality and Competitive”

Product Features include:
2, 5, 8, 16 and 24 Nm models in a small housing, light and efficient.
Simple Direct Mounting with an universal spindle V-Clamp.
Key Form Square shaft mounting on request for OEM.
Easy to replace other existing brand of actuators with no mechanical changes saving materials and labour cost.
Full range of Control Valves and Characterised Ball Valves compliment the range.

Mode of Operation:
NACA…Series offer 2 and 3 points with optional Auxiliary Switches or Feedback Potentiometer.
NACM...Series offer Modulating controls available with 0...10 VDC Input and 0...10 VDC Feedback.
Parallel and Series connection are available with master and slave configuration.

High Functional Reliability:
Powerful actuator with overload proof.
Stop automatically on end stops without any limit switches.

For further information visit www.slaneydirect.co.uk/Actuators.html


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