June 2007
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HBA Introduces New Line of Daylight Harvesting Controls with Continuous Dimming and Automated ON/OFF Functions

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June 2007 - Austin, TX - Hubbell Building Automation, an industry leader in the development of cutting edge networked lighting control technologies, announced today the introduction of the Luxstat Controllers by Servodan, a line of Daylight Harvesting Controls for continuous dimming and automated ON/OFF functions. The Luxstat Controllers provide up to three channels of continuous dimming or ON/OFF control from a single photocell. Individual adjustments of each channel allow for precise control to maximize savings and provide uniform lighting. Controllers can be integrated with occupancy sensors for automated ON/OFF control to further enhance energy savings as well as manual override controls to allow for adjustment of lighting levels by the occupant.

Control Solutions, Inc HBA’s existing line of daylighting controls is being expanded to include the following Luxstat product offerings:

The Luxstat ON/OFF Control Module provides multilevel ON/OFF daylight harvesting control while the Luxstat Dimming Control Module provides continuous dimming control. Both open loop controllers provide up to three zones of control and feature pushbutton programming and automated setup, an LCD providing real-time light level readings and 5 pre-programmed applications to fit most multilevel switching applications. Both control modules are powered by the Luxstat Power Pack.

The Luxstat Light Sensor provides daylight level information necessary for operation of the Luxstat Daylight Harvesting Control Modules. Utilizing a photodiode element, the photo sensor continuously measures daylight levels and sends this information to the Luxstat Control Module.

The Luxstat 4-Button Wall Switch provides manual control of the Luxstat Daylight Harvesting Control Modules. The four button switch allows occupants to override the automatic daylighting control and provides manual ON/OFF and dimming control. A single pushbutton momentary switch is also available.

About Hubbell Building Automation
Hubbell Building Automation, Inc., headquartered in Austin, TX is a subsidiary of Hubbell Incorporated (A Delaware Corporation). Hubbell Building Automation draws on over 30 years of lighting control experience. As the leading developer of groundbreaking technologies in lighting control panels, HID and Fluorescent controls as well as occupancy sensor controls, Hubbell Building Automation manufactures a complete suite of innovative, integrated and simple lighting control solutions. For further information about Hubbell Building Automation, please visit our web site at www.hubbell-automation.com


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