June 2011
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Chipkin Automation Systems Releases Hobart Ground Power Gateway for Easy Remote Monitoring

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The new HOBART Ground Power Serial Driver, developed and distributed by Chipkin Automation Systems, is a Modbus, BACnet and HTML Gateway which polls Hobart devices for status, real time and configuration data.

Vancouver, BC – A new product launched by Chipkin Automation Systems in May 2011 now helps the automation professionals to read current, voltage, phase, power and other variables from the Hobart devices. The Hobart Ground Power Gateway serves data from a Hobart Ground Power controller as Modbus, BACnet or Web data for easy remote monitoring.

The intelligent Gateway connects to the Hobart Ground Power controller, then reads data and stores it internally. When a remote system requests data, this data is served in a form that is appropriate to the protocol (e.g. Modbus, BACnet and HTML). In the event that the connection to the Hobart Ground Power controller is lost, or data cannot be read, the Gateway will send a signal to the remote data client.

It is easy to use as it requires minimal configuration and can be considered a plug and play component of a system, ready to operate out of the box with the default configuration.

The driver is a serial driver using a RS232 serial port to connect between the Gateway and the HOBART unit. It can be configured to execute any of the commands in the supported function list. The driver will not send the next command until a response has been received from the previous or until a timeout has expired.

Control Solutions, Inc Additionally, the frequency with each data point is read is configurable. The driver retries on errors or timeouts. So if the data cannot be read, it will be marked as out of service after some configurable time.

For further information about Hobart Ground Power Gateway, visit:

Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. also manufactures and distributes several automation products such as Modbus TCP/RTU Data Client and BACnet Explorer. For additional information on the news of this release, contact Mr. Peter Chipkin or visit www.chipkin.com.

Established in 2000, the company is a specialist engineering consultancy providing services that are currently focused on system integration and protocol conversion. Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. also manufactures and distributes several data clients such as BACnetIP Data Client and Modbus TCP/RTU Data Client. For additional information visit www.chipkin.com.


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