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SCL Elements launches powerful line of CAN2GO wired and wireless controllers and gateways

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MONTREAL, June 20, 2011 – SCL Elements, which provides CAN2GO™ building automation solutions for comfort and energy efficiency in commercial buildings, today announced its second generation of CAN2GO controllers and gateways.  They offer unprecedented wireless range, multi-protocol support and processing power – enabling each unit to simultaneously control dozens of devices and handle multiple applications. These enhanced products allow building managers and system integrators to deploy more cost-effective energy efficiency solutions that manage HVAC, lighting, metering and more, with less hardware and downtime.

The second generation CAN2GO Universal and VAV controllers, as well as the GW2 gateway, all boast 400MHz processors, 64MB of RAM and 2GB of flash storage. They can provide simultaneous control and BACnet IP integration of digital and analog I/O, Modbus peripherals and EnOcean and ZigBee wireless devices. The added power allows each locally programmable unit to handle more wired and wireless control points at no extra cost.
Using each CAN2GO’s ability to manage HVAC, lighting, metering and other building automation applications simultaneously, system integrators and building managers can also easily scale-up their systems by adding lighting control to HVAC control, and vice versa, with minimal expense and downtime.

“Our school board had the opportunity to install the pre-release version of the new CAN2GO line. It gave us a full BACnet integrated building automation system combining both HVAC and lighting control. All the communication to and from controllers and end-devices is wireless, so the installation process caused no downtime or repair work, an immense advantage over other alternatives. We plan to install CAN2GO in upcoming retrofit projects.” said Michel Morin, Coordinator of Energy Management at the Samares School Board, located near Montreal, QC, Canada.
All three products offer high powered antenna options for EnOcean and ZigBee wireless communication. The extended wireless range enables one CAN2GO unit to manage multiple rooms and building areas, decreasing building automation installation time and hardware costs.

Control Solutions, Inc “Our goal is always to shorten the payback period and increase the ROI of energy efficiency by lowering the cost of ownership of building automation solutions. The CAN2GO 2.0 product line achieves this by offering customers more power, more range and more applications, all-in-one box. So facility managers and integrators can deploy and integrate more control points, faster and more economically.” said Simon Leblond, CEO of SCL Elements.

 The UN2, VA2 and GW2 each have embedded BACnet IP gateways for integration with third party BACnet systems. They also have embedded web servers hosting the CAN2GO web BMS; a fully programmable building management system for single and multi-site small and medium buildings of less than 100,000 square feet.

With their control, integration and server capabilities, CAN2GO products combine – in one box – the traditional functionalities of controller devices, gateway devices and building management software. These features and flexibility make CAN2GO an adaptable and cost-effective solution for all building types.

“CAN2GO’s claim to fame is providing a way to truly integrate wireless control technologies to BACnet systems, and offering a tailor-made building automation solution for the underserved market of small and medium buildings. This second generation of products reinforces both claims and offers stakeholders new opportunities to improve energy efficiency and building operations at a lower cost.” added Mr. Leblond.
The UN2, VA2 and GW2 are ETL listed, as well as FCC and CE compliant.

A webinar about the new products will be held on June 28th. Visit www.can2go.com for more information.


About SCL Elements
SCL Elements Inc. provides CAN2GO™ building automation solutions for comfort and energy efficiency in commercial buildings. CAN2GO™ offers integrated wired and wireless solutions for HVAC, lighting & metering applications. Our controllers, gateways and web building management system (BMS) allow facility managers, contractors and OEM manufacturers to deploy building automation systems (BAS) combining wired (BACnet, Modbus, CANbus), wireless (EnOcean, ZigBee) and web (IP/Ethernet) technologies – providing maximum interoperability and control for more energy savings. SCL Elements is a member of the EnOcean Alliance and is listed under the CAN2GO product name.


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