June 2011
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North American Intelligent Buildings Roadmap 2011

The Continental Automated Buildings Association, through its Intelligent & Integrated Building Council and new Research Program, designed the 2011 North American Intelligent Building Roadmap to outline long-term opportunities in the intelligent building industry. The Roadmap provides an understanding of the collective influence of emerging trends within the intelligent building industry, such as energy efficiency, renewable technology, IT convergence, and the integration of buildings with the smart grid. The roadmap provides a snapshot of current market dynamics within the intelligent building industry in North America and outlines evolving trends and the long-term industry outlook.

The Roadmap investigated the current and future direction of the intelligent building market in North America and the opportunities it represents for participants within the value chain. The study also detailed the influence of the current and emerging intelligent building technology solutions, through analysis that considers commercialization, market preferences and product acceptance. Other key objectives guiding the 2011 Roadmap were to investigate the discrepancy among industry stakeholders when it comes to designing for integration and efficiency, gaps in integration aspects, and the trends towards Integrated Design Process and understanding the influence of current and emerging trends on smart technologies and solutions, market preference and acceptance.

CABA's Connected Home Roadmap 2010 Study

The Continental Automated Buildings Association has completed a consumer market study that examined all aspects of the connected home marketplace. CABA's "Connected Home Roadmap 2010" project was a large-scale study created to provide insights into consumer attitudes concerning technologies, value propositions and future market adoption.

The first phase of the study determined the current state of the connected home solution marketplace through an environmental analysis that considered sales and other key trends. This phase involved the exploration of existing sources of information, including articles, industry publications, trade statistics, financial reports, syndicated research and interviews with industry players. The second phase consisted of a consumer survey of 2,000 North American homeowners designed to determine consumer needs and to find primary drivers for consumer adoption.

The Roadmap project examined the following market segments: safety, security, health, energy management, monitoring, entertainment, home control and automation.

"Energy as a Managed Service 2010"

The report found that the concept of energy as a managed service is appealing to the great majority of North American homeowners. The majority of consumers surveyed said that they would consider purchasing energy as a managed service if it was available at a reasonable price. The research was conducted for CABA by POCO Labs, a management consultancy which specializes in strategic consulting.

More information available at: www.caba.org/estore


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