March 2007
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GridPoint Highlighted as ‘Precursor to a Killer Application’ in Galvin Electricity’s The Path To Perfect Power Report

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Report states hottest sector in technology market will be products that reduce energy demand, use the electrical grid more efficiently and create less stress on the environment

WASHINGTON − Feb. 28, 2007 − GridPoint, Inc.™, a provider of clean-tech products and intelligent energy solutions for utilities, consumers and businesses, announced that it is highlighted in a new report by the Galvin Electricity Initiative on emerging technologies that will give consumers unprecedented control over their energy use.

Published Monday, The Path to Perfect Power: New Technologies Advance Consumer Control states that the hottest sector in the technology market over the next decade will be products that make reducing power bills and conserving energy as easy as managing cell phone minutes. The report states that the widespread integration of convenient energy management systems, like GridPoint’s, will reduce energy demand, use the electrical grid more efficiently and create less stress on the environment.

“GridPoint’s smart, grid-interactive system is a well thought-out and packaged unit that is easy to install,” according to Roger W. Gale, President and CEO of GF Energy and author of the report. “We believe that GridPoint is onto something, and possibly it is the precursor to a killer application.”

GridPoint’s award-winning clean tech products increase energy efficiency and provide instant UPS-grade backup power and easily integrate renewable energy. The Galvin report spotlights GridPoint’s online energy management portal, GridPoint CentralSM, as an innovative tool that allows users to create a personal profile to automatically monitor fluctuating energy costs and run appliances accordingly in order to reduce electricity consumption.

“Galvin Electricity Initiative’s report suggests that energy efficiency technologies have reached a tipping point,” said Peter L. Corsell, President and CEO of GridPoint. “We are pleased to be cited as one of the companies working to make the smart grid a reality.”

In addition to providing benefits to consumers and businesses, GridPoint provides a solution to utilities that offers an economical, flexible and environmentally beneficial way to improve power management and delivery. Unlike any other technology, GridPoint Utility Solution reshapes the load duration curve (efficiently balancing supply and demand) by deploying stored power during peak periods, reducing customers’ peak loads, optimizing existing base-load generation assets and relieving stress on transmission and distribution (T&D) lines.

By embracing GridPoint Utility Solution, utilities achieve business objectives while assuming a leadership role in environmental stewardship. The distributed and clean nature of the solution enables utilities to rapidly scale their peak power needs while avoiding regulatory and environmental hurdles associated with building new power plants. By optimizing generation and T&D assets, utilities can also reduce carbon emissions and criteria pollutants affecting public health, while conserving fuel, capital and land resources.

Additionally, GridPoint Utility Solution enables a utility to integrate its customers’ renewable energy sources in a utility-controlled manner. This capability represents a major step forward for the commercial success of solar and wind energy sources by serving as an intelligent gateway between these sources and the electric grid.

The Galvin Electricity Initiative, launched by former Motorola chief Robert W. Galvin, is leading a campaign to transform the nation’s electric power system. To view the report, visit To view the new technologies fact sheet, visit

About GridPoint
GridPoint’s clean-tech products offer intelligent energy solutions for utilities, consumers and businesses. Utilities gain an economical, flexible and environmentally beneficial solution to improve power management and delivery. GridPoint’s utility solution reshapes the load duration curve through load control, distributed energy storage and utility-controlled renewable energy integration at the customer’s site. The result is a cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly way to manage peak periods, shape generation, increase grid reliability and optimize existing generation, transmission and distribution assets. For consumers and businesses, GridPoint products provide protection from power outages, increase energy efficiency and integrate renewable energy. On the Net:


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