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Distech Controls announces new products, new design

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Quebec, Canada, March 1st, 2007. Distech Controls announced the release of a new product series, including LONWORKS free programmable, application specific controllers and remote I/O modules.

These new open control products are based on Distech Controls’ popular easyCONTROLS line, incorporating the flexibility provided by its ease of use and extensive product features with a more cost effective product design.

The controllers feature a compact, plastic enclosure. “The product design allows for additional cost savings on shipping and space savings within cabinets and installations” said Etienne Veilleux, President and CEO of Distech Controls. “It also presents the added advantage of having a separable back plate with identified terminal block, allowing for easy wiring and for base with connectors to be shipped to site for installation while engineering is done at the system integrator’s office”.

The Distech Controls LONMARK certified controllers include:

Free programmable controllers, with high precision inputs (16 bit A/D) and outputs (10 bit D/A), 128K Flash memory allowing the storing of up to 12,000 events, an internal real-time clock and 62 network variables of which 36 are of changeable type and length. These programmable controllers include an internal switching supply to power 4 to 20 mA sensors (such as pressure and humidity sensors) without the need and expense of external power and additional wiring. The free programmable controllers are available with optional HOA switch for local manual override, with rotary potentiometer and software feedback on switch status.

Application specific controllers, for roof top, unit ventilation, heat pump and fan coil unit control applications. These products provide for a wide flexibility in control applications while minimizing the need for custom programming. The application specific controllers feature 6 universal inputs, 5 triac outputs (PWM or Digital) and 2 tri-mode analog outputs (0-10V, PWM or digital 0-12V). The spare I/O points can be shared over the network for additional versatility.

Designed for value reading, point monitoring and extending the capability of an open control system, the remote I/O modules feature universal inputs and triac outputs (PWM or digital). The configuration interfaces can be launched through the Configure command on the device itself and include sensor and actuator configuration.

All products are available with LNS based plug-ins for programming, configuration and monitoring and EC-NetAX wizards for simple and quick configuration of the devices within any open platform such as a LONWORKS network or Niagara AX Framework.

“These new controllers are highly efficient” added Etienne Veilleux “they are the result of our determination to continue improving and innovating on our product line so as to offer cost effective and high quality open control solutions”.

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