March 2007
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Four Industry Leading Security Technology Companies Form Collaborative Marketing Partnership

IPVision Software, IQinVision, Agent Vi, and Appear Networks join forces to provide leading-edge IP-based network security information management system.

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Control Solutions, Inc

New York, March 6, 2007 -- IPVision Software together with IQinVision, Agent Video Intelligence, Inc., and Appear Networks today announced a collaborative marketing partnership that provides a fully featured security information management system. The collaboration integrates four industry security solutions to provide customers with a leading-edge IP-based network camera management console, featuring:

· IPVision Software’s proven, reliable command and control technology
· IQinVision’s best-in-class megapixel imaging cameras
· Agent Vi’s next-generation, enterprise-grade video analytics
· Appear Network’s state-of-the-art mobile alerts.

Available now, the new offering is designed to meet the security needs of enterprise-class organizations, both public and private, worldwide.

All four partners will be demonstrating their collaborative system at the March 7th Transportation and Border Security Conference, the March 8th Maritime Security Conference, and the April 16th-17th Security Technologies Conference. All conferences will be held at the NRECA Executive Conference Center, 4301 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA.

About IPVision Software
IPVision Software (IPVS) designs, engineers, and delivers Security Information Management (SIM) solutions, for the security, military, law enforcement, energy, commercial and educational sectors. With a proven track record in each of these sectors our system architecture allows for easy integration of access control, RF-ID, VOIP and other critical systems directly into the SIM console. Our software is more than simply an IP-based CCTV camera management application. One key differentiator between IPVS and our competitors is that we exploit the features of the IP camera utilizing the analytics at the camera level, while simultaneously reducing the complexity for the end user. Utilizing industry standard software development principals and infrastructure IPVS excels in both corporate enterprise and low bandwidth or wireless scenarios. Competitive system requires local connectivity to poll the camera and analyze the images at the server requiring large processing servers. Our approach allows customers a distributed architecture that scales to any number of cameras utilizing current web, database and storage servers. For additional information, please visit:

About IQinVision
IQinVision, the leader in Megapixel IP Video. IQinVision designs, manufactures and markets the IQeye family of high performance network cameras and intelligent video processors. Established in 1998, IQinVision is a privately-held corporation with headquarters in California and regional offices in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Utrecht, Netherlands. A technology leader, IQinVision has redefined the surveillance and industrial video markets by introducing Hi Definition, Megapixel and Intelligent Video network cameras. The IQeye can act as a stand-alone system or integrate with other systems via a standard API or a Software Developer's Kit for full-custom applications. The IQeye's proprietary and time-tested Image Processing Operating System (IPOS) provides unrivaled image quality and network stability. The company's products are available as IQeye-brand, private-label, and OEM models, and are widely used in government, institutional and commercial applications. IQinVision is committed to leading the industry in innovative products and world-class service and support. Please visit

About Agent Vi
Agent Video Intelligence, Inc. (Agent Vi) with its patented IPoIP technology has set a new standard for innovation in the Video Analytics and Intelligence market. As a forerunner in next generation video analytics, Agent Vi’s IPoIP distributed image processing architecture partitions detection algorithms so that it can process video data in both the camera and the central server, retaining the strengths of both platforms while avoiding their limitations. Agent Vi 's groundbreaking technology minimizes hardware and network bandwidth requirements and dramatically reduces deployment and operational costs for enterprise-grade video analytics systems, both public and private. With headquarters in New York, regional sales offices in Pleasanton, CA; Atlanta, GA; Ft. Meyers, FL; and Madrid, Spain, and its R&D facility in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company has more than four years of successful field deployments worldwide. For more information, visit:

About Appear Networks
Appear is the leading provider of context-aware software infrastructure designed to power the next generation of mobile applications and services. Using situational information (context), the AppearIQ suite of products transforms ordinary wireless data networks into rich multimedia channels that deliver information, voice, video and messages to mobile computer users. By collecting and sharing context, Appear’s solutions eliminate information overload and ensure users have exactly the information they need, when and where they need it. With Appear software, devices and applications react in real-time to users’ changing needs. Industry leaders in transportation, retail, telecommunications and government use AppearIQ. Appear has an extensive partner network including industry leaders Cisco and Intel who along with vertical market specialists work to deliver innovative, end-to-end wireless and mobile solutions. The company is privately held with offices in Europe, North America and South America. For further information please visit


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