March 2007
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Distech Controls launches new VAV controller, the ECC-VAVS.

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Quebec, Canada, March 9th, 2007 – Distech Controls, a leading manufacturer of open building automation solutions, announced today the launch of its new VAV controller line, the VAVS. The ECC-VAVS, is a 2-input LONMARK certified configurable controller, in a compact enclosure, designed for cost efficient installations.

The product is designed to make use of the latest technology and to provide the same application benefits offered by the ECC-VAV controller, Distech Controls’ popular 4 input VAV controllers.

ECC-VAVS The ECC-VAVS products feature:
2 universal inputs
2 digital triac outputs and 2 additional network outputs allow simultaneous control of 4 instances of virtually any type of HVAC equipment.
A 16-bit analog-digital converter, for high accuracy input and flow pressure sensor readings and precise VAV balancing.
An integrated brushless constant torque actuator, which has a longer life expectancy than standard brushed motors.
A drift-free differential pressure sensor that resists loss of accuracy over time due to dust particle accumulation.

The ECC-VAVS product line allows for a multitude of applications, such as the control of baseboards, duct heaters/cooling, fans, multi-stage heaters, floating valve actuators, lights, etc. Designed for the control of 1 floating valve, 2 on/off valves or 2 duct heater stages, it is a cost-effective product for installations that require a minimal use of inputs and outputs, such as internal building zones. The ECC-VAVS includes models for single duct VAV and VVT control and a model with integrated wireless receiver, for use with Distech Controls’ wireless, battery-less sensors and devices.

contemporary The ECC-VAVS can be configured by using the LNS based EC-Configure plug-in or EC-Net AX wizard, for integration with the Niagara Framework. These configuration interfaces, provided free of charge, are intended to simplify configuring and sequencing methods by prompting the user for the necessary configuration data. The controller then automatically selects the operation sequence according to the input and output configurations and dynamically adapts itself to the network variables that are bound to the controller.

Distech Controls also offers the EC-Smart-Sensor-VAV, a communicating sensor and balancing tool designed to work with the ECC-VAVS as a fixed or portable tool. The EC-Smart-Sensor-VAV is a multi-purpose device that shows readings and status on its LCD display, allows users to adjust temperatures and facilitates flow calibration.

The ECC-VAVS-W, with an on-board wireless receiver provides support for a variety of wireless, battery-less sensors, switches and other devices. The wireless, battery-less peripherals supported by these controllers are easy to install, highly adaptable and have no limitations as to the building materials they can be mounted to. Distech Controls' wireless technology allows for battery-less wireless sensors and switches, reducing installation time and maintenance costs.

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