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Daintree Networks to Provide "Hands-On" Sensor Network Commissioning Training at ZigBee Developers Conference

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SAN JOSE — Mar. 13, 2007 — Daintree Networks Inc., a leading provider of development, deployment and operational support tools for wireless sensor and control systems, today announced that they will present a “hands-on” training session at the 2007 ZigBee Developers Conference during which attendees will install and commission their own ZigBee networks.

“Even though commissioning physically occurs during the installation phase, it is critically important that it be considered and designed in during the development of any ZigBee application,” said Jason Choong, Director of Marketing for Daintree Networks. “This training session will give ZigBee developers the chance to experience, first-hand, the challenges associated with deployment of real-world ZigBee-based systems. This will highlight many of the issues and problems that can occur during deployment unless they are properly designed for up front.”

“When you consider that ZigBee and 802.15.4 devices will typically be installed by electricians and other technicians with little or no knowledge of the underlying technology, it is important to design and build products that come equipped to handle the most common problems and make the installation as easy as possible.”

The training session will begin with an overview of what commissioning is, and what aspects of it can and cannot be planned for. Following that, attendees will build their own simple ZigBee networks, and learn how to perform commissioning tasks such as device configuration and bindings, and resolve potential problems such as having devices join the wrong network. Once comfortable with the basics, the training will move on to commissioning of larger networks, during which attendees will learn how to join two networks together.

“This session is designed not only to teach people how to commission ZigBee devices, we also want to get the developers thinking about commissioning and maintenance as early in the cycle as possible,” said Jason. “Attendees, who may already be familiar with Daintree’s Sensor Network Analyzer software as a development tool, will also gain experience in using it as a commissioning tool.”

The 2007 ZigBee Alliance Developers Conference is being held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose on April 3 to 5. The Daintree training, titled “Designing, Commissioning and Managing Reliable ZigBee Systems” is being presented on Thursday April 5 starting at 8AM, and then being repeated at 1:30PM the same day. Both sessions are in Room J4. More information about the ZigBee Developers Conference is available from

ZigBee: Wireless Control That Simply Works
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About Daintree Networks Inc
Based in San Jose, California, Daintree Networks is a leading provider of design verification and operational support tools for wireless sensor and control networks. In a rapidly evolving industry, accelerated development and deployment cycles are key to market success. Daintree’s professional tools help OEMs, system integrators and installers of wireless sensor and control networks speed their time to market. As an active member of the ZigBee™ Alliance, the company is playing a vital role in bringing the first wave of interoperable standards-based sensing and control products to market. For more information, visit

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