March 2008
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FOA Creates New Certification For "Fiber Optic Network Design"

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The FOA has created a new certification program covering "Fiber Optic Network Design." This certification covers the particulars of how fiber optic networks are designed within the context of complete communications systems or construction projects. It is intended for contractors, installers, architects and engineers, project managers and all others who are involved with projects that include fiber optics.

Fiber optic networks are widely used, not just for telecom, but CATV, computer LANs, cellular phones, municipal wireless, security surveillance systems, metropolitan data, intelligent highways, fiber to the home, or practically every communications network. The FOA has certified almost 24,000 fiber optic technicians in the last decade who have been instrumental in the explosive expansion of fiber optic network usage. Many of those technicians have also been designers of the networks they install, and they have asked the FOA to create standards for fiber optic network design and offer a specialist certification in the field.

Reliable Controls The FOA Certification is focused on the unique aspects of fiber optic network design, assuming the fiber optic designer works with project managers overseeing the complete project design. Prerequisites for the certification include having a FOA CFOT (Certified Fiber Optic Technician) certification to ensure knowledge and experience in fiber optic technology and installation.

The certification is offered through many of the 200+ FOA-approved schools which will provide appropriate training. Industry professionals with appropriate experience may apply directly to The FOA.

The Fiber Optic Association, Inc. is an nonprofit educational organization chartered to promote fiber optics through education, certification and standards. Over 200 FOA-Approved schools around the world have certified about 24,000 fiber optic technicians. The FOA offers free online introductory fiber optic programs for everyone and training for instructors at FOA-Approved schools. For more information on the FOA, see the organization's website, email


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