Press Release - May 2003
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Barix Introduces Defconlock, a  Stand-Alone Ethernet-Enabled Security System for Buildings and Remote Facilities

Defconlock allows users to take advantage of the easiest, most flexible, and cost-effective way to integrate and connect security systems: Internet Protocol (IP) communications

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Zurich, Switzerland - Barix ( announced the U.S. availability of Defconlock, a stand-alone, network-enabled security system for commercial buildings, public infrastructure and remote facilities.

Defconlock communicates using web-based protocols, (TCP/IP, HTTP) and over standard Ethernet, wireless or wireless GPRS media. With a universal reader interface, serial interfaces, as well as multiple inputs and outputs, the device easily connects to most readers, locks, sensors, keypads, doorstrikes, and a wide range of sensors and detection devices. Users can access the unit anytime via Ethernet connection, the Internet or even wireless networks using any standard web browser.

Defconlock helps users monitor and secure any public and military infrastructure, including remote telecom, power, and water facilities, but works equally well in commercial buildings, remote facilities and the home.

Defconlock can be used in two different operating modes. For controlling and monitoring remote facilities, the device reports its status in regular intervals and receives commands or access list and profile updates via encrypted communication.

For autonomous room/door management in homes and businesses, the device can be managed by a standard web browser without the use of any other software, and locally stores IDs and schedules. The controller maintains a log in local nonvolatile memory, which can be retrieved from the device using a standard web browser or via scheduled emails. In the case of a security breach, an alarm is activated locally via relay output and/or through network communications, such as email, SMS, pager or network management alerts (SNMP).

With OEM specific software extensions, the Defconlock can act as a smart door controller, integrated in larger scale access control systems.

Security systems that tap into the IP network, such as Defconlock, now allow end-users to fully integrate multiple systems and share information in real-time via the Ethernet network.

IP communications is the best way for different security systems, software and platforms to share information, as end-users can access all systems and components through a standard Ethernet network. In addition, no separate wiring is necessary. Building management, access control and video surveillance systems can share one infrastructure with standard IT equipment.

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