Articles - May / June 2003
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Articles - June 2003
Our authors provide insight into our rapidly evolving industry.
 Please take the time to read their valuable articles.

"IT" Could be the Start of Something Big Now, with the growing use of building networks and the convergence of building controls and IT networks, it is becoming far easier to connect building occupants to the building control system by employing a simple "comfort and lighting" icon on each occupant's PC.  Thomas Hartman, P.E. The Hartman Company

The Time and Resource Generator  The black hole of building management and control can be cost effectively transformed into a "Time and Resource Generator".  Paul F. O'Conor Chief Marketing Officer, WebGen Systems

Building With the End In Mind  Every building begins with a vision. Now a new approach to construction helps owners fully realize that vision in brick, mortar and technology. It's called Knowledge-Based Integration.  Joel Lehman, Vice President, Sales, Johnson Controls Americas and Kim Metcalf-Kupres, Director of Global Marketing Construction, Johnson Controls

Choosing The Right Integrator For Your Building Automation Project  With the trend toward interoperability in building controls, the not-so-subtle differences between product, network, and system integrators take on additional significance.  Will Podgorski, Staefa Control System Product Manager, Staefa Control System

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Important Considerations in Buying a Data Logger  No matter what you need to measure, job one is understanding your measurement accuracy requirements.  Evan Lubofsky, Onset Computer Corporation

CO2 Control And the International Mechanical Code  A response to the May Issue article Ventilation Codes  ICC's International Mechanical Code vs. NFPA 5000, Analysis and Recommendations  Mike Schell, Director Sales & Marketing
AirTest Technologies 

Rebuttal to Response to May Article  This is my response to Mr. Schell's comments. Leonard A. Damiano, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Ebtron, Inc

The Power of Voice Recognition - Why not now? ....why couldn't a building technician or maintenance person use their voice to commission new or repaired equipment, adjust temperature thresholds on an HVAC unit, or be notified of unusual readings on a pressure gauge?  Jeff Barbieri, Vearch

Preparing For Your Metamorphosis  Metamorphosis is evolution on fast forward. Ken Sinclair,

Articles - May 2003

Deep Integration … the next step  Deep integration is a process rather than a conclusion, but it results in true Energy Web Services that companies can offer to go far beyond traditional DDC and Building Automation.  John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM Energy Control Inc

Ventilation Codes  ICC's International Mechanical Code vs. NFPA 5000, Analysis and Recommendations  Leonard A. Damiano, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Ebtron, Inc

Tridium provides British Army an efficient foundation for the future!  All building services throughout the AFC, including HVAC, lighting, access control, alarm and security systems are connected through various LONWORKS® compatible control devices from different manufacturers. Chris Irwin, Regional Director, Tridium EMEA


Intelligent Buildings Need Intelligent Solutions  The challenge for this project was two-fold: on the one hand the function spectrum of the building automation system had to be enhanced to an open, facilities-management-oriented service platform. On the other hand, the control system had to be software-based, implementing innovative database, PC and Internet techniques. Case Study, Andreas Herde, ProSyst Software AG


Creating Sustainability From Rapid Change The meshing of Broadband, Telephony, and Building Automation has created a powerful new virtual architectural fabric. I call this fabric "Enviromation", a combination of the words Environment, Communication and Automation. Ken Sinclair,

Past Favorites 

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Leonard A. Damiano, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Ebtron, Inc  Ventilation Codes 
Ken Sinclair,
Tom Hartman, The Hartman Company  Controlling Convergence
Ken Sinclair,  It is Time to Upgrade your DDC System
John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM Energy Control Inc Web-Based Automation
January 2003
David S. Dougan, President & Leonard A. Damiano, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Ebtron, Inc.  ASHRAE STANDARD 62 Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality Analysis and Recommendations
John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM  A "Black Box" 
Thomas Zaban, P.Eng., VP Marketing, Reliable Controls  BACnet - A Marketing Perspective
John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc. Real-time Energy Dashboard™ 
Ken Sinclair,
Industry Focus Shifts to Web Convergence
Steve Tom, PE, PhD, Director Technical Information, Automated Logic Corporation  Web Accessible Control Systems - Lessons Learned
Jonathan Buckley  VP, Marketing & Business Development & Jay H. Hartley, Ph.D. Senior Software Engineer, Netbrowser Communications Your Building Management System May Be Compromising Your Company's Security
Steve Tom, PE, PhD, Director Technical Information, Automated Logic Corporation Web-Based Control Systems - Doing more with more
Jim Henry, National Marketing Manager, Electromation, Australia Specifying Control Systems

Ken Sinclair, Web Based Facilities Operations Guide

John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM Energy Control Inc
Direct Digital Control - A Guide to Distributed Building Automation
Clay Nesler, Director Advanced Marketing, Johnson Controls, Inc.  Building Systems Commissioning: Let Technology do the Heavy Lifting

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