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EnFlex Introduces New Application Software

Site Control Server Version 3.4 Begins Web Upgrade

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PRESCOTT, AZ  May 2, 2006 - EnFlex announced the delivery of a major upgrade to its software for the EnFlex Site Control Server (SCS) environment. With this new version 3.4 release, control and monitoring applications can be fully programmed with the on-board, web-based user interface thus eliminating the need for specialized user interface software.

This latest version of EnFlex application software will enable users to easily configure and utilize EnFlex in basic facility control using only a web browser. The EnFlex software presents easily understood web pages to the user to set up operating schedules, alarms, as well as perform other data management tasks.

The new software also supports additional hardware peripherals such as USB devices which are often integrated with the building control system. With this new software EnFlex has further enhanced the capabilities of many of its device drivers to take advantage of the capabilities of the new software. Initial user comments indicate that the new release will be a hit its ease of use.
Besides supporting a variety of new hardware options, the new software supports numerous new network management, security, and troubleshooting utilities. Over the next several months our customers will see this software on our G-100 Control Servers. Version 3.4 greatly extends the most flexible and powerful connectivity solution available.

EnFlex Corp. has been providing systems connectivity to building control systems, generators, meters, and other building devices for over 10 years. For more information visit their Web site at


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