May 2006
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GridWise Architecture Council Recognizes Intelligrid & Multispeak Efforts at GridWise Expo

Two key efforts recognized for advancing the cause of interoperability between intelligent systems in electric power

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Palm Springs, CA – May 30, 2006 – The GridWise™ Architecture Council (GWAC), a focused team of cross-industry experts articulating the guiding principles that constitute the architecture of a future, intelligent, energy system presented awards today for recognition and appreciation to the Electric Power Research Institute IntelliGrid Consortium and to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) MultiSpeak® Initiative. Rik Drummond, GWAC chair, presented the awards during the awards gala dinner at the GridWise Expo in Palm Springs, California. Don Von Dollen, IntelliGrid Program Manager, and Bob Saint, NRECA MultiSpeak Project Manager, received the awards on behalf of their respective programs.

IntelliGrid and MultiSpeak, have demonstrated their support for the principles put forth in the GridWise Interoperability Constitution, by signing the Constitution and contributing to their advancement at the GridWise Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in December 2005. These efforts fund, develop, and affect projects aimed to enhance interoperability and make the results of their findings publicly available.

The IntelliGrid Consortium is actively involved in the development of architecture, technologies, methodologies, tools, and numerous technology transfer projects. A key resource developed by this effort is the IntelliGrid Architecture, focusing on utility infrastructure and enterprise integration and providing a wealth of information on the enterprise architecture process as well as guidelines for implementation. There is active coordination between IntelliGrid staff and numerous other organizations and standards bodies (including the GWAC) involved in making progress toward the interoperation of intelligent components of the electric power system.

The MultiSpeak Initiative develops and provides resources to enable interoperation in support of utility business processes, addressing common integration challenges in ways that advance interoperation by defining interfaces and using state of the art technologies that offer key advantages for improving business processes. They also support interoperability testing which certifies that two software applications actually work together to support some utility business process.

A multitude of organizations are, and should be involved in transforming the electric system into one that is intelligent, transactive, and supports a high degree of interoperability between the multitude of subsystems that constitute it. Without tangible advancement from organizations such as these, the GridWise vision of the future will languish. GridWise Architecture Council recognition of those organizations that advance interoperability provides a necessary incentive and sets an example for other organizations to move in a similar direction.

EasyIO About GridWise
GridWise is a vision for the future electric system built upon the fundamental premise that information technology will profoundly transform the planning and operation of the power grid, just as it has changed business, education, and entertainment. It will form the "nervous system" that integrates new distributed technologies—demand response, distributed generation, and storage—with traditional grid generation, transmission, and distribution assets to share responsibility for managing the grid as a collaborative "society" of devices. For more information, please visit

About the EPRI – IntelliGrid Consortium
The IntelliGrid Consortium, created by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), is a public/private partnership that integrates and optimizes global research efforts, and funds high-impact R&D on enabling technologies and on the integration of technologies to achieve the vision of the power delivery system of the future. The IntelliGrid Program also leads an international effort to disseminate technical conclusions for the benefit of the public by promoting its adoption by others (standard groups, trade associations, etc.). A key resource developed by this effort is the IntelliGrid Architecture, focusing on utility infrastructure and enterprise integration and providing a wealth of information on the enterprise architecture process as well as guidelines for implementation. EPRI was established in 1973 as an independent, nonprofit center for public interest energy and environmental research. EPRI brings together member organizations, the Institute's scientists and engineers, and other leading experts to work collaboratively on solutions to the challenges of electric power. EPRI's members represent over 90% of the electricity generated in the United States. International participation represents nearly 15% of EPRI's total R&D program. For more information, please visit

About the NRECA – MultiSpeak Initiative
The MultiSpeak Initiative is a collaborative effort between the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) and software vendors serving the electric utility industry working to develop software interfaces to help small electric utilities, such as electric cooperatives, automate their business processes and exchange data among software applications. MultiSpeak is a software specification that facilitates interoperation by defining standardized interfaces among software applications commonly used in small utilities and offering guidelines on how software vendors should implement those interfaces to give utilities the most value from the integration. For more information, please visit

About The GridWise Architecture Council
The GridWise Architecture Council assembles a focused team of experts to articulate the guiding principles that constitute the architecture of a future, intelligent, transactive, energy system and see that GridWise evolutionary directions remain true to these principles.

The Architecture Council comprises practitioners and leaders with broad-based knowledge and expertise in power, information technology, telecommunications, financial systems, and additional relevant sectors working together toward a coordinated GridWise vision—the transformation of the nation's energy system into a rich, collaborative network filled with decision-making information exchange and market-based opportunities. For more information, please visit,


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