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Buildings 2.0 Framework at ConnectivityWeek Chicago

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New Framework for the Future of Buildings

DALLAS, TEXAS—April 5th, 2007 — Clasma Events Inc., the company behind ConnectivityWeek are announcing a new concept for buildings in Chicago May 22-24 – Buildings 2.0. This announcement follows on from discussions held at the recent BuilConn Middle East and is intended to further these discussions and extends an open invitation to all involved with buildings to embrace the principles of Buildings 2.0, to help develop it, help to adopt and implement it, and make it the only way everyone should be looking at buildings in the years to come.

ConnectivityWeeks are global events held in key market regions to promote the development of device centric connectivity for 21st Century's growth of the Pervasive Internet. Every ConnectivityWeek gathers together vertical and horizontal subjects that have one common theme; Connectivity.

Buildings 2.0 is a broad industry initiative, not owned by any one element, but driven for all, and by all who subscribe to the principles outlined in a continuous discussion on how buildings need to change in the face of the enormous opportunities enabled by the Internet revolution.

An early adopter of the Buildings 2.0 concept is the State of Missouri. They are currently implementing an integration program for 1,000 Public Buildings covering in excess of 28M sq ft. They are proposing that a new 175-300,000 sq ft building is designed and built to meet with Buildings 2.0 and Dave Mosby, Director, Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction for the State of Missouri will be a speaker at Chicago to share his views.

Dave said, “We have been working on the integration of the Public Buildings in Missouri with Gridlogix and Buildings 2.0 seems to be the next logical step for us to take” Dave continued, “We need our new and existing buildings to deliver a much higher standard of usability and accountability both of which will be talked about at ConnectivityWeek”.

One of the key concepts of the Buildings 2.0 framework is that it must be technology neutral. Buildings 2.0 must be fundamentally technology neutral, recognizing that flexible standards must be adopted to make technology work. Adopted technologies must be truly open, be uncontrolled by any single entity, and unnumbered by any unreasonable economic constraints for its use.

“The reality of Buildings 2.0 is that it must enable commerce to develop, for without commerce, without positive economic impact to all stakeholders, Buildings 2.0 will not become a reality. The Internet has shown us how the power of the network can bring about untold opportunities. It’s time to discover them in the context of buildings.” said Anto Budiardjo Clasma CEO, “After all, who wants to buy or use a version 1.0 of anything these days!”

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Clasma Events Inc.
Clasma Events Inc. was formed solely to organize and manage technology events around the area of smart connected devices, and the subsequent impact to industry and business.

Based in Dallas, Texas, with a network of associates and partners around the U.S. and across the globe, Clasma Events is a virtual organization, leveraging the power of the Internet for B2B-centric organization of events.

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