May 2007
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A Novel Family of Power Management ICs based on Digital Technology for Lighting and Building Control Applications

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Nes Ziona, Israel, May 2007 – Systel, is a mixed-signal semiconductor specialist in the field of Digital Configurable Power Management ICs, providing innovative solutions for the power electronics market. At LightFair International, Javits Convention Center, New York, May 8-10, Systel will premiere and demonstrate the technology of its IDC2000 ICs family and Evaluation Kit for applications in lighting and energy saving building control systems at Booth 1764. This will include multi-channel ballast functionality never previously seen, deploying different lamps per channel, each driven separately, from PC or via wall control using power line communication as well as on the spot configuration of the IDC2000 using the PDK design tools. Both ballast and wall control evaluation units are powered by Systel's IDC2000.

These ICs are a family of novel single chip controllers, a concept based on Systel’s Universal Power Management Mixed-Signal SoC Controller (UPMC) technology. The UPMC proprietary architecture is a breakthrough System-on Chip digital based concept for Power Control and Power Management evolved by Systel during decades of research and development. Its IDC2000 implementation, the second generation of its digital power controller ICs, and applications in the lighting and building control field are based on broadly patented technology and methods containing all the required end product functions for its field, including street lighting.

In Lighting, the IDC2000 IC family is able to implement almost any type of power topology and control function that a designer could imagine to create newly featured high performance networkable/dimmable and non-networkable multi-lamp electronic ballasts at the lowest market price.

A single IDC2000 IC enables innovative multi-channel topologies for dimmable or non-dimmable multi-lamp and multi-fixture ballast solutions (central ballast). A ballast with this multi-channel topology can operate any combination and type of linear or compact fluorescent, LED or HID lamp, with each lamp individually controllable and protected for full On-or-Off control or dimming to the lowest level determined by the design. Lamps will be driven by the highest standards and specifications envisioned by the designers. In PLC dimmable multi-fixture configurations each fixture can be controlled separately and use different types of lamps, located at varying distances without affecting light quality, at a price competing with that of simple non-dimmable ballasts.

Reliable Controls Major Advantages of Networkable/Dimmable and Non-Dimmable Ballasts with IDC2000
• Remote control options: PLC, RF, DALI, DMX etc.
• Drives any combination of lamp types
• ZVS of half bridges
• Customizable Programmable Startup
• Individual Lamp or Channel Control
• Individual Lamp or Channel Protection
• High Spec. Lamp Life Parameters
• Flexible Lamp Control
• Negligible flicker/high light quality
• Customized Dimming down to 0.1%
• Enables customization of a variety of different dimming techniques
• Multi-Channel/Multi-Fixture Ballast
• Up to 8 individual lighting channels
• Supports Different Power Topologies
• Emergency Operation
• Energy Savings / Load Shedding
• Enables variety of PFC methods
• Interfaces to light and occupancy sensors
• Allows Infringement-free Design
• Graphic User Interface Design Tools
• Low Cost / High Performance
• Shortest Time to Market
• Achieve Optimum Design in Days
• Code-free Configurability/Flexibility

More information can be found at Systel’s website:


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