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Understanding Today's U.S. Electric Power Industry, ISOs & the Basics of Wholesale Power Transactions

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A One-Day Classroom Seminar (CPE Approved) June 12, Philadelphia - Crown Plaza Philadelphia Center City

This one-day program is for professionals who are looking for a comprehensive and clearly explained understanding of the structure and function of the U. S. electric power industry. The seminar also addresses the current status of today's U.S. open access power markets and its unresolved issues; the fundamentals of how the PJM market operates; and the essential elements of bulk power trading.

What You Will Learn:

  1. The structure and function of the electric service system.

  2. How the North American power grid is structured and how it operates; the properties of electricity, its terms and units; who the key players are in the industry; and how control areas, spinning reserves, economic dispatch and load following generating units operate. You will also receive a list of key industry websites.

  3. The differences between ISOs, transcos, ITCs, RTOs, and ITPs; and what today's ISO/RTO status is by region (Includes a detailed map).

  4. How the PJM and Texas ISO Day-Ahead markets operate; how the upcoming California Day-Ahead market may operate; what locational marginal pricing (LMP) is, and why it is important; how LMP is applied in the PJM market, and why FTRs, TLRs and RPM are important concepts to understand. (The seminars presented at the Houston and California locations will discuss the Texas and California/Western Power markets respectively. PJM will only be summarized at these locations.)

You will also Learn:

  1. The structure and characteristics of the spot and forward bulk power markets.

  2. The terminology, concepts and mechanics of bulk power trading, and the difference between physical, scheduled and contract path power flows.

  3. How to execute a spot power transaction - including common contract language, how to obtain transmission capacity, scheduling and NERC tagging requirements.

  4. What sellers choice is; how forward transaction "daisy chains" form at virtual trading hubs; what a financial bookout is; and how bulk power can be financially traded.

Seminar Agenda


PlantPROCORE Afternoon:

Your Instructor
John Adamiak is President and Founder of PGS Energy Training and is an expert in energy derivatives and electric power markets. Mr. Adamiak is a well-known and highly effective seminar presenter who has over 20 years experience in the natural gas and electric power industries. His background includes 10 years as a seminar instructor, 9 years of energy transaction experience, and 6 years of strategic planning and venture capital activities. John's academic background includes an M.B.A. degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

Who Should Attend this Seminar?
Professionals from electric utilities, generators, municipals, power marketers, banks, government regulators and industrial companies; energy and electric power executives; attorneys; government regulators; traders & trading support staff; marketing, sales, purchasing & risk management personnel; accountants & auditors; plant operators, engineers and corporate planners.

This fundamental level group live seminar has no prerequisites. No advance preparation is required before the seminar.

Why Choose PGS?
Since 1996, PGS seminars have been known for their clear explanations and in-depth content. Register for a PGS program today, and team up with the leader in electric power and energy education. Over 3,000 energy and financial professionals have already attended PGS's proven courses.

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