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Contemporary Controls Offers the Fastest Redundancy

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Any Break in the Network Will Be Recovered in Less Than 10 ms

Downers Grove, IL (May 25, 2007)The Industrial Ethernet managed switches from Contemporary Controls (EICPM, EISXM and EISBM Series) can provide recovery times of less than 10 ms when using trunking between our switches. “Faster than what our competitors can offer,” says Bennet Levine, R&D Manager for Contemporary Controls.

Trunking allows switches to be interconnected with multiple parallel cables. The more cables you add between switches, the more levels of redundancy you provide. With two cables between two switches, you have one level of redundancy. With three cables you have two levels of redundancy and so on.

A few minutes lost in an office environment is merely annoying and inconvenient, but even a few seconds interruption of an industrial communication network can result in disastrous consequences such as production loss, poor quality, equipment damage or danger to personnel. That’s why the faster recovery time the better to restore the network after a cable failure. The network survives by providing alternate data path(s) when a cable fault occurs.

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