November 2006
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Archronix to Debut Open Standards based ArcX Wireless Lighting and Ethernet Gateway at EHX

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Richmond Hill, ON – October 1, 2006 – At its first EHX event, Archronix Corporation will debut its innovative ArcWay ZigBeeTM-Web Services for Devices (WSD) Gateway along with its ArcLight ZigBeeTM Lighting Solution at the Electronic Home Expo this fall in Long Beach, California. These products greatly simplify home automation installation and control. Yet, even more exciting is the powerful integration possibilities thanks to their open design.

Open Standards Based Designs
A firm supporter of Open Standards and Interoperability, Archronix has adopted ZigBeeTM and WSD for its line of home automation products.  Developed by the ZigBeeTM Alliance, ZigBeeTM is a reliable, cost-effective, low-power, wireless platform optimized for the needs of remote monitoring and control applications. These wireless devices can be installed in places where it is difficult or impossible to run wiring. The low-power radios used also means that devices may operate for years on a single set of batteries.

On the flip side, Web-Services for Devices is an initiative by Microsoft® and other industry leaders to standardize how devices communicate over an Internet Protocol network. With WSD, devices describe their capabilities to other networked devices, allowing for easy discovery, deployment, and control on the network.

Reliable Controls ArcWay
Archronix brings these technologies together with the ArcWay ZigBeeTM-WSD Gateway. The Gateway will allow WSD enabled controllers such as Microsoft® VistaTM, and Exceptional Innovation’s Life|wareTMto communicate directly with ZigBeeTM compliant devices with no additional device drivers or setup. With these solutions, it’s as easy as plug-and-play. “There’s a natural synergy in these technologies. What we’re doing is bridging them so they work in a seamless cohesive manner that ultimately benefits the consumer.” says Archronix CTO Feisal Hurzook.  For more information visit

To demonstrate its operation, Archronix will be showcasing the ArcWay in tandem with its ArcLight ZigBeeTM Lighting Switches. ArcLight provides an immediate replacement for traditional switches, giving consumers the power to control and monitor their lighting from anywhere in the home. Because ArcLight utilizes ZigBeeTM’s meshing capability, no additional central control hardware is required, and an ArcLight network can be incrementally expanded as home owners’ needs grow.

About Archronix
Based in Richmond Hill, Canada, Archronix Corporation is a manufacturer of innovative home control and digital consumer products, specializing in emerging technologies and open standards.


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