November 2006
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New Wireless Automation Level Network Solutions from Siemens

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Buffalo Grova, Ill., Nov 2, 2006  Wireless building automation technologies provide new options that solve challenging installation scenarios and remove physical or financial constraints to hard wiring. Leading the industry with their successful debut of the first Wireless Field Level Network, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., announced today the introduction of a Wireless Automation Level Network (WALN), offering unprecedented system design and implementation flexibility.

"With the introduction of Siemens WALN," says Kevin Osburn, Vice President of Building Automation Solutions, "we once again break new ground by offering a proven, end-to-end wireless solution at all levels of the APOGEEŽ Building Automation System architecture."

Wireless connectivity at the automation level is especially desirable when a proposed site's circumstances make running Ethernet cabling physically difficult or prohibitively expensive. Whether it is necessary to avoid the need to trench and run wiring between buildings, connect isolated, hard-to-reach panels, or to enable communication independent of the corporate Ethernet network, a Siemens WALN can help keep installed costs in check, while adding new flexibility during the design and implementation phases of a building automation system installation.

Control Solutions, Inc Siemens uses IEEE 802.11 (WiFi) technology to establish wireless communications for building automation controller and management level networks. To assure compatibility with the latest technologies, Siemens is committed to developing hardware based on open communication standards (such as WiFi and Ethernet). Siemens conducted thorough and rigorous testing and validation with a host of 802.11 products, including the Siemens ScalanceTM W family of products and those from other leading vendors.

Siemens WALN solutions are available now. For more information on APOGEE Wireless, visit: To access an interactive tutorial that explains wireless mesh technology and its applications, go to:

About Siemens Building Technologies
As a leading provider of building controls, fire safety and security system solutions, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., makes buildings comfortable, safe, productive and less costly to operate. With U.S. headquarters in Buffalo Grove, Ill., Siemens Building Technologies employs 7,200 people and provides a full range of services and solutions from more than 100 locations coast-to-coast. Worldwide, the company has 28,000 employees and operates at a total of more than 500 locations in 51 countries. For more information on Siemens Building Technologies, visit:


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