November 2007
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Contemporary Controls Releases BAS Remote Demo

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Control Solutions, Inc

The Interactive Demo is Easy and Intuitive to Use

Downers Grove, IL (October 31, 2007) - With the soon-to-be released BAS Remote, Contemporary Controls has designed an interactive demo that illustrates the simplicity of the product’s configuration. Sales Manager Joe Stasiek said the BAS Remote demo is easy and intuitive to use. “You can use almost any computer that has a web browser and is connected to the BAS Remote. No need to search for a special computer that might contain the special software.” Stasiek added that this demo has great features. ”It allows an individual the ability to set minimum and maximum values per I/O points and even lets them assign dimensional units.”

Visit to see how the demo works.

Control Solutions, Inc The company is expected to place the BAS Remote on the market soon, geared toward the unique needs of the building automation industry. The BAS Remote I/O system communicates on a BACnet/IP network via its built-in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port and allows easy expansion of the existing BAS system I/O. It is a distributed I/O suitable for locations where a controller is not required.

Its universal I/O provides direct connection to most servers and actuators. The BAS Remote’s switch functionality enables the BAS Remote to be inserted at any location in the BACnet/IP network.

This product has eight I/O points, six universal input/output points and two relay outputs. The six universal input/output points can support contact closure, thermistor, analog inputs/outputs (0-10 VDC 0-20 mA) and also up to 40 Hz pulse input. Each form “C” relay contact output provides both NO and NC contacts rated at
30 VAC/VDC, 2A.

It supports a secure web server for convenient commissioning and troubleshooting. The firmware can be upgraded in the field and as more software features are created, these can be added to the units in the field at no charge.
This device adheres to the BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC) profile. It can be powered by 24 VAC or 24 VDC and can be DIN-rail or panel mounted.


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