November 2009
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WattStopper announces new residential vacancy and occupancy sensors including multi-way ultrasonic sensor

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SANTA CLARA, CA October 2009 – WattStopper has expanded its line of residential lighting controls, incorporating an additional sensing technology and more control options. New sensors include a multi-way ultrasonic vacancy sensor and two multi-way passive infrared (PIR) dimming sensors. Residential sensors save energy in the home by automatically turning lights off in unoccupied spaces, and Watt Stopper’s new vacancy sensors comply with California’s updated Title 24-2008 energy code.

The new CU-250 vacancy sensor uses ultrasonic technology to detect motion, and is designed for use in spaces with partial obstructions that could block the view of a PIR sensor. Additionally, the multi-way CU-250 may be used in three- and four-way switching applications, either with an additional sensor, or an economical decorator style momentary switch. WattStopper’s unique multi-way capability, introduced previously on PIR sensors, allows the user to switch lighting on or off from any of the connected switch locations.

WattStopper has equipped its new CD-250 and RD-250 PIR dimming sensors with multi-way capability for the greatest possible control versatility. Both sensors provide full range dimming control of incandescent lighting, facilitating energy savings while the lighting is on in addition to providing automatic shutoff. The CD-250 is a vacancy sensor for manual-on control only. The RD-250 is a convertible occupancy sensor; it is shipped from the factory configured for manual-on control, but may be reconfigured for automatic-on operation by the user or installer.

Three additional PIR vacancy sensors are also being released. The CS-50 is the workhorse product for typical applications with just one switch location. The CS-350-N, with relays for switching two loads, as well as an integral nightlight, is an excellent choice for many bathrooms. The CH-250 includes multi-way control capability. All of the sensors are available in five colors, and the broad offering ensures that builders and homeowners can easily find the ideal product for any application.

WattStopper (, a Legrand group brand, is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting controls for commercial and residential use. We help customers find convenient ways to save energy, meet green initiatives, and comply with energy codes with our comprehensive range of products, programs, and services. Legrand (, located in Limoges, France, is the world specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks, offering solutions for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.



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