November 2009
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AIA Iowa Uses Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard at New Office

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Ankeny, Iowa ― November 18, 2009 ― AIA Iowa, a chapter of the American Institute of Architects, has moved to a new office and is using QA Graphics’ Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard (EEED) to educate the public on the office’s sustainable interior.

After 15 years at the 1000 Walnut Street location, AIA Iowa has moved their office to suite 100 in Capital Square at 400 Locust Street in Des Moines. The Iowa chapter formed in 1904 and currently has more than 800 members. The new office location is designed for greater public exposure of the chapter and its programs, and has been renovated with the goal of achieving LEED Gold Interior certification. To help facilitate this exposure, an Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard (EEED) is displayed in the office. AIA Iowa will use the EEED as an education tool for visitors who walk in to the office. The EEED is an interactive user interface, which visitors can use to learn more about AIA Iowa and the initiatives the office has taken in anticipation of LEED certification.

“We hope the public and AIA Iowa visitors gain the knowledge of the practices of sustainability and the environment, an understanding of how the built environment can impact energy efficiency, how the AIA Iowa office is used as a model for energy efficient design, and an insight into what the USGBC’s LEED rating system is,” said Jessica Reinert, deputy director at AIA Iowa.

The EEED was developed and donated by QA Graphics, a design and interactive development company located in Ankeny, Iowa. The EEED is displayed on a touch screen in the office, as well as online for members and the public to access. An interactive tour of the office is provided, along with a variety of information demonstrating AIA Iowa’s sustainable initiatives. The EEED may be viewed online at:

The interactive display provides great insight into what was necessary for the office’s renovation. A LEED checklist is displayed, listing the sustainable improvements made to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification requirements. Efforts include using recycled content, certified wood and materials that were manufactured locally, as well as using low-emitting materials when selecting paint, carpet, furniture and other materials. Lighting around the office has been reduced, and the lighting and temperature are controllable to maximize the space’s efficiencies. The EEED also shows where green features are specifically used throughout the office. A map of the office explains where key sustainable finish considerations are in effect, such as where recycled content is used, where day lighting takes place and which materials are from within the local region.

“The EEED draws you in to explore,” said Reinert. “I like the way the graphics mirror the interior of the office. The EEED is easy to maneuver and is well organized. Visiting colleagues have stated that they would like an EEED in their office and are very interested.”

50 to 50, a how-to resource intended to assist architects and the construction industry in facilitating the AIA’s public goal of reducing fossil fuel consumption in buildings to at least 50 percent by 2010 and carbon neutrality by 2030 is also available on the EEED. The resource lists 50 ways to make these improvements with demonstrations on how the practices impact a building’s sustainability.

AIA Iowa had help from a number of organizations during the renovation process. A section of the display is dedicated to all those involved in the project, recognizing and thanking them for their involvement. A documentary of the project was also recorded, and a short video clip is available to view. The AIA invites the public to stop in and see the new office space and learn more.

About QA Graphics
QA Graphics is an innovative computer graphic developer specializing in the building automation and green building design industries. The company is an industry leader in the design of graphical user interfaces (GUI) and energy efficiency education, offering custom graphic design solutions including graphic outsourcing, 3D design/animation, interactive content and full-service Web site development. Please visit to learn more.



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