October 2006
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Contemporary Controls Publishes the “ABCs of Diagnostics”

The “ABCs of Diagnostics”Informs Customers on How Managed Switches Can Help Solve Network Issues

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Downers Grove, Illinois (September 28, 2006) - Troubleshooting network problems can lead to much confusion for even support professionals. These network problems can be the result of various issues, from disruptions in service to configuration problems. That’s why Contemporary Controls has published a document called the “ABCs of Diagnostics” to help answer some of our customers puzzling questions. “The ABCs of Diagnostics will make our customers more aware that our Ethernet managed switches (the EICP_M, EISX_M and EISB_M) are designed with features that can help them monitor the state of their network as well as diagnose network problems,” explains Bennet Levine, R&D Manager. “These features include SNMP, Port Monitoring, and Port Mirroring.”

Levine says SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) can be used to monitor the network communication statistics. For example, SNMP can be used to display the number of messages received/transmitted by each port and much more. This diagnostic information is also made available via a web browser.

“Port Monitoring allows the managed switch to monitor selected ports for proper link status,” explains Levine.

He continues by saying that Port Mirroring allows a protocol analyzer or “sniffer” (such as Ethereal) to receive all traffic from a selected group of ports. “This feature allows the switch to ‘copy’ traffic sent/received on selected ports to one ‘mirror’ port,” Levine explains.

Levine says the information in this document will help our customers resolve their problems in a timely fashion. “It will make troubleshooting less complicated,” he confirms. To receive your FREE document, visit www.ctrlink.com/pdf/abc13.pdf.


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