October 2006
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 Z-Point Products Announces ZigBee Wireless Signal-strength Evaluation Kit

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Delta, BC, Canada, 10/04/2006 - z-Point Products' ZigBee USB Dongles are available in a special "Wireless Signal-strength Evaluation Kit." allowing users who are interested in ZigBee a low-cost means to evaluate its suitability for their needs.

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"One of the most common questions that we hear from customers regarding ZigBee is 'will it work for my application?'" reports Brian Empey, CEO of Techsol and CTO of zPoint Products.

"Our clients have interesting challenges to solve. They want to know if a ZigBee switch in the house will be able to turn off the lights in the stable (that their client's daughter left on) 400 feet away from the house. We can't answer that from our office. But now we offer a tool that lets them test it out themselves."

The ZigBee Wireless Evaluation Kit comes as a set of 3 wireless devices plus software for Windows or Linux computers.

  • One ZigBee USB Dongle plugs into a PC in one location.

  • Another plugs into a lap-top that can be carried around.

  • And the third is simply a coordinator that is installed nearby.

As a user walks around with their laptop, their screen shows the signal-strength of the signal that they are receiving PLUS the strength that the other user receives. In addition, there is an "instant messaging box" that lets them communicate with each other. This feature was added at the request of building automation customers who want to test the suitability of ZigBee for operation between floors of a building.

Reliable Controls Now users can test the viability of ZigBee wireless as a communications mechanism through different mediums, over different distances, or any other test that is relevant to their particular challenges.

This kit, based on the same ZigBee Dongle that was demonstrated at Light Fair 2006 in May and hailed by the ZigBee Alliance as the world's first Zigbee product, is available for only $345. z-Point Products is taking orders now for deliveries starting in November.

Wireless Technology has the potential to provide benefits to a wide range of applications:

However, the technology has been complex, costly, and vendor-specific -- at least until now.

z-Point Products is addressing ALL of these needs with the ZigBee Wireless End-point -- or "z-Point". These products are the first of a long line of low-cost, interoperable wireless devices built on international, open standards. z-Points (ZigBee Wireless End-points) are changing Building Automation as you know it! z-Point Products is a wholly owned division of Technical Solutions Inc. (Techsol) call 888 TECHSOL

Techsol is head-quartered in Delta, British Columbia, where the mighty Fraser River meets the Pacific Ocean.


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