October 2006
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Tridium Unveils Vykon Energy Suite AX

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The Latest Version of the NiagaraAX-based Intelligent Energy Management Solution

Empowers organizations to proactively manage their energy budgets, analyze rates, calculate actual costs and reduce energy expenditures

We are delighted to announce the availability of our latest version of the Vykon Energy Suite. This new release is compatible with NiagaraAX and includes numerous enhancements and new features.

EasyIO Expanding on the earlier version, Vykon Energy Suite AX (VESAX) provides users with several new features including:

  • The ability to import and export energy data from external systems such as Excel™ or relational databases such as SQL and Oracle or text files using CSV format

  • Tools to edit data records

  • Access to more devices which allow users to analyze and display more information from these devices

  • Expanded reporting capabilities; including a correlation report that analyzes relationships between two points of data and determines a linear regression equation between the two points. This helps with forecasting energy usage

  • Point normalization-any point in VESAX can be normalized by any other point allowing users to obtain energy use per unit of production or energy cost per unit of production. This new feature also enables a variety of interesting and diverse normalizations to occur such as a customer developed algorithm for weather

Along with these expanded features, we have also introduced a new VESAX pricing structure. The VESAX pricing is much simpler with three basic VES parts. The pricing includes a Web Supervisor, a VESAX combination bundling, and an enterprise version for large users who need unlimited point pricing. Please refer to the Secure site for details.

A new VESAX brochure and datasheet will be available in the near future.  For more information about Tridium visit www.tridium.com


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