October 2006
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Barix Introduces Next Generation of IP Intercom Technology

Annuncicom-100 Offers Flexible and Independent Communications Services for a Variety of Applications

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ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, September 29, 2006 – Barix AG, a pioneer in IP-based audio, Intercom and monitoring, presents Annuncicom-100, its next generation of Intercom technology. The Annuncicom-100 is yet another Barix product featuring the company’s trademark cost-efficiency and unrivaled flexibility, and is ideal for deployment over a standard IP or Ethernet network infrastructure to any number of locations. It can connect directly to a PC, or function autonomously with other Barix products for a PC-FREE solution. Professional applications include live voice over IP (paging, telephone, or automated announcements), music transmission and distribution, intercom functionality, monitoring, access control and alarming applications.

Annuncicom-100 is also useful in radio broadcast applications. Using address tables, the device can connect to eight groups with up to eight preset targets. It can also connect to an unlimited amount of stations in a broadcast configuration. Target station addresses can be selected over a standard web browser, contact input or a serial interface.

“The Annuncicom products were initially designed for intercom applications in mostly non-broadcast applications, but like the Instreamer and Exstreamer, the product’s flexibility continues to attract professionals from markets we may not have initially targeted,” said Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO of Barix. “Radio broadcasters are now using the Annuncicom-100 as a communication device between the studio and transmitter sites, as well as for studio-studio communications and low latency full duplex links. But beyond broadcasting, this is an excellent device for businesses that require an inexpensive communications system that can double as a security or IP audio distribution system. The standard Annuncicom is even flexible enough to also serve as a VoIP interface from IP phone systems to VHF radios. In fact, it’s difficult to think of many businesses that couldn’t successfully integrate this product.”

Annuncicom-100 is used for universal and stand-alone paging, VHF radio interfacing, emergency call and intercom systems (IP Intercom). The device is equipped with an Ethernet interface and communicates over existing TCP/IP networks. All network-connected devices can optionally be controlled from a single central command station. Each device comes with its own integrated web server, which allows it to be configured over a standard web browser. Two serial interfaces (RS.232 and RS.485) and some I/O allow for the connection of other external devices to the Annuncicom.

PlantPROCORE The two serial ports, a specially designed feature for the Annuncicom-100, can be addressed over the network or serve as a local connection for other devices such as Barix extension components (X8 module for a keypad controller, IO12 for digital inputs and outputs, and R6 for relays). The new Annuncicom-100 now also offers a programmable environment, which provides full duplex functionality, ideal for applications that need simultaneous hearing and speaking. By now supporting VoIP codec uLaw/aLaw/G7.11, the Annuncicom-100 can interface with standard voice over IP telephone systems.

Annuncicom-100 accepts pages, emergency calls and intercom over its microphone or line-level input and distributes them to the appropriate target locations. The audio information is transmitted over WAN through TCP/IP protocols, which make proprietary cabling obsolete.

The device can also be programmed by system integrators or the user for custom applications. A USB memory stick interface allows OEMs and systems integrators to program customized applications for storage, forwarding, and local playback of warning messages and other audio programming. The Annuncicom-100, as the successor to the popular and widely used Annuncicom IC product, now comes in a new high quality silver aluminium case that offers flexible mounting options and beautiful design.

About Barix AG (www.barix.com)
Barix AG, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, specializes in the research, development and manufacture of IP-based audio and data distribution, communication, monitoring, control, and automation hardware solutions for commercial, industrial, security and military applications. Barix’s smart, reliable, compact, stand-alone components stream and communicate over standard network infrastructure and Internet, for local or worldwide networked solutions, eliminating the need for extra wiring and PCs. Barix provides customers with a wide range of additional services, including private labelling, licensing and OEM engineering.


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