October 2006
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LonMark Member Opportunity at AHR 2007!

Freedom, Flexibility, Foundation…LONMARK Delivers! Member Co-op Booth at AHR Expo 2007

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Each year, the LONMARK booth at the AHR Expo sets the standard for the world of open, integrated systems, and each year its success grows with the addition of more products and solutions developed by the growing LONMARK community. So, when it comes to open, interoperable systems, LONMARK is taking a lead role at the January 29-31, 2007 AHR Expo in Dallas, Texas, once again featuring the successful and much-anticipated Interoperable Technology Demonstration.

Often a standing-room-only affair, the LONMARK booth is an unparalleled demonstration of open systems highlighting the value and success of interoperable, LONMARK Certified products. For AHR attendees, the LONMARK booth is a must-see and often the first stop for anyone seeking information on integrated, open systems. The one-of-a-kind Interoperable Technology Demo is an excellent demonstration of enterprise-wide integration using LON open systems, a dynamic display of plug-and-play products suited for countless applications. Our featured member kiosks throughout the booth are an excellent source for attendees to obtain product- and application-specific information. It is no surprise that LONMARK collects almost 1,000 leads from qualified industry professionals each year.

As a LONMARK member, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in the LONMARK booth at the 2007 AHR show. As the world’s largest HVAC&R event, the AHR Expo is an excellent place to showcase your solutions in a truly open environment with a collection of LONMARK Certified products. Don’t miss this opportunity to position your company as a significant player in the open systems arena. There are multiple sponsorship opportunities available to fit any budget. With an average cost less than $6 per lead this is a tremendous value for your marketing dollar!

EasyIO LONMARK will build on the Freedom, Flexibility, Foundation… LONMARK Delivers! theme throughout all electronic and printed marketing communication vehicles, including: direct mailings, LONMARK Magazine, email campaign, press releases, press conference and web site promotion.

As an added bonus, when you submit your product(s) for use in the Interoperable Technology Demo, you will be getting exposure in an online demo and at a multitude of relevant industry events. Where the demo was once only engineered at the annual AHR Expo, this traveling demo will be located at all major events in North America where LONMARK has an exhibition presence. Your marketing dollars will be used in an extremely effective manner giving your company exposure to the entire intelligent buildings community as well as several key vertical markets such as education and healthcare.

LONMARK Americas is recognized again this year as an endorsing organization and will gain increased status at the show. In addition to our booth, we will give LONMARK educational sessions and conduct the annual LMA member meeting at the show.

It is the mission of LONMARK to promote our members and help them succeed by advocating open systems through a wide variety of industry events and activities, and we are grateful for the support of our members without whom we could not operate. We are very excited about the AHR 2007 promotion opportunity and hope you will join us in Dallas, Texas, as we create new business opportunities for your company in the world of LONMARK Open Systems.

Members may download the Event Prospectus (PDF, 282k) from the Trade Show section in the Member Area of the LONMARK web site.


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