October 2007
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GE Sensing introduces new multivariable and ultrasonic flowmeters

PanaFlow™ MV uses vortex technology for measuring flow in liquid, gases and steam
Panaflow™ ISX is easier and less costly to install in hazardous locations

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Billerica, Mass. – October 10, 2007 — GE Sensing announces the release of two new flowmeters: the Panaflow™ MV multivariable vortex flowmeter and the Panaflow ISX transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter.

Panaflow™ MV
The PanaFlow™ MV multivariable vortex flowmeter is the newest addition to the PanaFlow flowmeter line. Mulitvariable flowmeters, which feature both insertion and inline, measure flow, temperature, pressure, density and mass flow using a single point of contact. A single MV meter provides stable and reliable solution for accurate measurement of high temperature and high velocity steam, liquids and gases.

“We are excited to introduce vortex technology to GE Sensing’s PanaFlow flowmeters,” said Nadeem Mirza, Global Product Manager for GE Sensing. “The single meter design is available with a wide range of options and configurations to meet specific customer applications. Also, the integrated pressure and temperature sensors will reduce the installation and lifecycle costs, providing increased value for the end-user.”

Key applications for the PanaFlow MV include power generation (steam), industrial (HVAC, district energy management), commercial (building, campus and facility management), oil & gas (allocation of natural gas) and petrochemical (mass balancing, reaction processes heating).

PanaFlow MV’s multivariable design consists of a vortex shedding velocity sensor, an RTD (resistance temperature detector) sensor and a solid-state pressure transducer that measures the mass flow rate of steam, gases and liquids. Using the algorithms meter can automatically calculate the energy usage in steam and provide the data formats including BTU and kwH. Built-in HART and Modbus protocols will help MV meters seamlessly communicate to the end-user’s process monitoring software. It is a cost effective, accurate and reliable meter for volumetric and mass flow measurement for small diameter pipes from 0.5 to 72 inches (15mm to 1800 mm).

Panaflow™ ISX
The PanaFlow™ ISX transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter is a low-cost, multi-path, wetted flowmeter solution that is a 2-wire loop powered device.

The PanaFlow ISX is suited for applications in the oil & gas, power generation and water industries. It can be used for a variety of liquid applications, including hydrocarbon liquids, water, solvents, weak acids, petroleum products, lubricating oils, diesel fuel oil and chemicals.

“The PanaFlow ISX’s intrinsically safe, 2-wire, compact design makes it easier and less costly to install in hazardous locations,” said Chris Frail, Global Product Manager for Flow, GE Sensing. “The simplified design coupled with the reliable, all-metal transducers makes the ISX an easy-to-use and high quality flowmeter.”

The PanaFlow ISX has lower power consumption, which reduces operating costs, and features improved signal processing for high performance and better accuracy. It complements GE Sensing’s existing PanaFlow line with a more economical meter for straightforward applications.

With excellent low-end resolution and high turn down, the PanaFlow ISX can measure a wide range of flow rates in pipe sizes from 4 to 24 in (100 mm to 600 mm) diameter. The ISX maintains calibration, ensuring steady operation without the need for routine calibrations. The bi-directional flow measures flow in both directions with equal accuracy. It is a single system with no moving parts, therefore reducing wear down and maintenance costs.

About GE Sensing
GE Sensing is a leading innovator in advanced measurement and sensor-based technology solutions. The company designs and produces precision instruments and systems that measure temperature, pressure, liquid level, humidity, gas concentration and flow rate for the most demanding customer applications. GE Sensing serves customers around the world in the aerospace, healthcare, transportation, process and industrial businesses.

Druck, General Eastern, Kaye, NovaSensor, Panametrics, Telaire, Thermometrics and Ruska are now part of one team, under one name: GE Sensing. For more information, visit: www.ge.com/sensing.


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