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LonMark Certified Professional Testing Program Update

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The LonMark Certified Professional Test is steadily gaining ground since the first test was offered at AHR 2007 in Dallas, Texas. Coupled with the strength and influence of the LonMark Sessions educational tour, which is still underway in Europe, the testing program has so far produced over 80 certified LonMark professionals.

In addition to offering the test at the permanent testing centers worldwide, LonMark International also offers the test at various temporary testing centers in conjunction with events such as LonWorld in Amsterdam on November 14-15, and AHR Expo in New York on January 22-24, 2008. The test is currently offered in English and German.

The test targets individuals who install, integrate and maintain systems utilizing LonMark certified products for the purpose of aiding the controls and automation industries continue the transition from proprietary to open, integrated systems.

Certification brings with it significant advantages as it represents a guarantee to the customer of the best possible LON solution and the most qualified people working on the project. Certification also ensures professionals are up to date on the latest “best practices” available.

Control Solutions, Inc With an ever increasing number of interoperable products available in the market, it is vital to the overall building performance that both installation and maintenance are performed by individuals who recognize the flexibility of the LON solution and understand the true benefits and capabilities of integrated systems. LonMark Certified Professionals are the recognized experts.

Test candidates can leverage a number of existing education programs supported around the globe. For example, an existing text book: the LonWorks Installation Handbook (ISBN 3-8007-2906-7) is available to assist candidates in preparing for the exam. Additional sources of preparation are available through standard courses offered by a variety of providers worldwide.

If you would like to view the testing schedule, test center locations and register to take the test, please visit the Test Registration and Schedule page.

Certified Professionals
The cost for taking the LonMark Certified Professional Test is US$250 for LonMark members and US$300 for non-LonMark members. As an extra benefit to its members, LonMark International publishes the names of all individuals who have passed the credentialing program requirements and are current members in good standing. Please visit the Certified Professional section to view the full listing.

For further information, please visit LonMark Certification Overview or contact testing@lonmark.org.


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