October 2010
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Serious Materials Launches Web-based Platform for Real-time Energy Monitoring, Analysis, Optimization and Control to Maximize and Maintain Energy Efficiency of Commercial Buildings

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SeriousEnergy Manager™ produces immediate energy savings of 10% - 15% with payback in one to two years

SUNNYVALE, CA, September 27, 2010 – Serious Materials, the leading provider of high-tech solutions that reduce energy usage in the built environment, today announced SeriousEnergy Manager™, a software-as-a-service platform that provides building owners and property managers with continuous monitoring, analysis, optimization and control of overall energy usage in commercial buildings. Used in over 60 buildings in the U.S. and India to date, SeriousEnergy Manager provides consistently fast energy-savings of 10 to 15 percent for rapid total solution payback in one to two years.

“Serious Materials’ offerings to date allow our customers to construct and retrofit buildings to save energy and save money,” said Kevin Surace, CEO of Serious Materials. “With 5 million commercial buildings in the U.S. alone, there is a huge opportunity to save money today. Our customers need the ability to manage, analyze, and maintain real energy-savings on an ongoing basis. We are the first major player to bring an advanced, yet low cost service to market. This is one of the most important offerings from our company in our history, and our customers couldn’t be more excited.”

According to the EPA, an average 30 percent of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted at energy costs of more than $100 billion per year in the U.S. alone. SeriousEnergy Manager addresses this immediate opportunity for savings by quickly demonstrating energy efficiency improvements for building owners and managers of an individual building or entire portfolio for commercial office buildings, schools and university campuses, government facilities, retail operations, and factories.

SeriousEnergy Manager is a secure web-based platform, with no software to install or maintain, that seamlessly integrates with building systems to continuously monitor energy usage. Based on proprietary algorithms, SeriousInsight™ advanced analytics integrates occupancy analysis, historical and external data to deliver real-time insight into energy usage and establish baselines, trends, and forecasting of energy consumption. The always-on service identifies ongoing, straightforward opportunities to save energy and optimize building system efficiencies, resulting in rapid ROI. The core technology of SeriousEnergy Manager™ originated from Serious Materials’ earlier acquisition of Valence Energy.

"Using the SeriousEnergy Manager’s advanced analytics at our headquarters enables us to go beyond basic energy monitoring to achieve greater energy savings,” said Anders Axelsson, senior vice president at Echelon, a smart grid company. “It positions SeriousEnergy Manager as a leader in energy management. The fact that it can be very quickly implemented using Echelon's SmartSever to get energy information makes it an ideal solution for energy management and commissioning in commercial buildings."

"SeriousEnergy Manager along with the associated monthly reports, have provided insight to the energy performance of our buildings,” said Mike Bassoni, Director of Facilities, The Harker School. “This has allowed Harker to act upon these findings, achieving 18% in energy savings."

Reliable Controls "Silicon Valley is key to the future of sustainability with technology-based innovation, and our new stadium will be part of that vision", said Jed York, President & CEO, San Francisco 49ers. "Today, SeriousEnergy Manager already helps us take critical steps towards accomplishing our high energy-saving standards in our headquarter offices."

“With this new service offering, Serious Materials formalized its newest business unit called SeriousEnergy™,” said Mark Mitchell, Serious Materials’ SVP of Mergers & Acquisitions, who will also become General Manager of SeriousEnergy. “We work with our customers everyday to help them retrofit or build toward very aggressive energy efficiency goals. We see immediate opportunities for energy savings, but you can’t improve what you can’t measure. SeriousEnergy Manager solves that issue and then helps maintain it for optimal performance. With SeriousEnergy Manager, our customers garner a tremendous near and long run return on investment through our intelligent, persistent and continuous commissioning platform.”

For more information, visit www.SeriousEnergy.com

About Serious Materials, Inc.
Serious Materials is the leading provider of high-tech solutions that reduce energy usage in the built environment, the largest contributor of CO2 worldwide. SeriousEnergy Manager™ provides lowest cost real-time monitoring and analytics for commercial buildings. SeriousWindows™ and SeriousGlass™ commercial glass offer the highest R-value performance of any window, reducing heating and cooling energy costs and related CO2 by up to 50% and providing rapid payback compared to dual pane windows. QuietRock® soundproofing drywall substantially reduces material use and provides high reliability lowest cost code compliant walls for hospitals, government, schools, and multifamily projects. The company is also the largest provider of advanced fiberglass pultrusion for highly insulated windows and curtain wall systems. With six manufacturing plants in North America, Serious products have been installed in over 70,000 projects (including the Empire State Building) and are available through thousands of local dealers for residential and commercial projects. For more information, visit www.seriousmaterials.com


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